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  • That's pretty cool about the fortification and the history behind it. Why apologise for not taking pictures? It's probably to remember with your own eyes rather than just one image. So if you do ever go back you can notice the differences and the similarities from past to future with your own eyes. The guide sounded like he/she didn't care much for it all. :p

    Always a plus to avoid school work. It's because they want to punish you for going to school and also apparently so you can remember what you learnt in school. Book reports about movies, poems and plays was something I refused to do. I didn't do any and no detention or punishment work came my way ever. It's not that hard to see you disdain and dislike for book reports, silly. :D
    It's just teaching adults but I can also teach high school as well. :p Well both wars are both interesting because of where they took place in Europe and also in the Pacific (WWII). Ooo, manage to get any pictures of the fortification in Dinant or nah. The significance of the historical value is varied for each person so it might be important to someone else. And what're you doing for the weekends? :D
    Okay, super abilities we now have, but no lightning powers. Since the Eiffel Tower is metal it'd be an unfair advantage.

    A cold wind blows through Paris stirring up the loose dirt and leaves that have accumulated on the ground. It reaches the top of the Eiffel Tower where two opponents stand facing each other, the smell of burned building and death from an abandoned and dying city reach them. One of the mysterious fighters is a boy, 18 years of age, with flat brown hair and sharp green eyes. (ME) The wind blows his tattered black trenchcoat aside revealing his worn six shooter and katana.

    "The Eiffel Tower huh Lecty? You sure do have an epic side." I say

    Sudenly the coat flys off, carried by the wind to who knows where as I charge you with my sword drawn. At the last second I jump to your left and slash.

    (That's just something I thought up and was wondering if you'd be into it.)
    Sure am at university. I'm studying in a Bachelor of Adult Education (And no it's not what you think it is) majoring in Community Education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Hehe, by the time you start university/college I'll have already graduated. Sooner or later I'll have to visit Ardennes and some of the historical sites where WWI took place. :D
    Well of course there wouldn't be an tourists. But are we gonna stick to realistic fighting or are we gonna go a little towards the super abilities, cause I would love to get knocked off, save myself and run up the side of the tower to fight you again.

    (Well I wish you the best. Just know that there's nothing like the first drink from a Mountain Dew.)
    I've been good and blue. University has commenced once more for the semester almost a month ago so I've been going to classes and doing what not. The writing is going well but I've barely on this place and I usually am on MSN more than here. Ardennes sounds good apart for your disliking of that silly, rude language. Welcome back, :D
    Okay, next time let's fight somewhere high up and out in the open. And famous too, like at the top of the Eiffel Tower! It's been fun with you Lecty, I wouldn't trade our fight for anything. Plus they say one of the best ways to get to know someone is through a fight.

    (WHAT!!! You don't know what Mountain Dew is? It's only the best soda in existance! Maybe it's an American thing, if you ever get a chance I highly suggest you get one, they're awesome.)
    (Well when you're right, you're right. It's been fun Lecty, let's do this again sometime.) *Falls to one knee, drops sword, then falls over dead.*

    (Sugar=bad. Caffine=bad. Combine both and death is immenant. Sounds like France has the right idea, Mountain Dew does for me what energy drinks do for other people so I don't need 'em. And I'd sleep if I"m tired too.)
    *Dodges attacks, returns the favor, and knocks Lecty back several feet. Charges, jumps into the air and brings sword down with both hands* (A strike with two hands on a sword is stronger than a strike with one hand.)

    (Well that's okay, I don't like energy drinks in general. Too much sugar and too flashy.)
    Yay, my favorite game. *Does best to dodge and block attacks but gets cut on arms and just below the left eye. Jumps back and takes defensive stance.* C'mon, I know you can do better than that.

    (It's not a problem. I have problems going to sleep. Maybe you just need a Red Bull.)
    A chapter of absolute action is up!!! hahahaha! lol, chappie 5 is up^^ hope you like itXD
    Be careful what you ask for! *Rushes in and begins a quick series of jabs, slashes from left, right, and diagnolly, and jumps to the left and right and continuation of attacks.*
    *Charges again.* Don't you know the saying? *Jumps to the left at the last second and attacks.* "The best defense" *Jumps around and attacks again.* "Is a good offense." *Proceeds to jump around and attack from all angles.*
    *Takes slash and rolls on the ground. Checks wound then charges again.* Then I'm just gonna have to have you attack.
    *Moves sword out of the way and knee's Lecty in the stomach as she falls forward then jumps up and whirlwind kicks her.*

    (Just because I'm cocky doesn't mean I underestimate you. I know you got plenty of fight left in ya. :p ;) )
    *Holds sword in place and moves in close to push more.*

    (Probably. But who knows, if you're lucky you might just win this. ;) )
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