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  • Its not a puzzle game is it DX. That'll be hard. But kk if i dont talk to you soon, have a great weekend man
    Looks like you're not going to get silver then because Platinum is a disappointment. But worst comes to worst u wait and buy it when it gets down to like 14 dollars like all the other games. Btw, went to Gorilla games and bought Golden Sun and Golden Sun: the Lost Age ^^
    Well the later pokemon games really aren't that great....they're kind of just dragging out something that was done years ago. I recommend Soul Sivler or Heart Gold; they're both the greatest ones (Being redos of the original silver and gold which were the best in my opinion) because there's such a great story and gameplay. And no, we're not too far from each other...maybe one day I could play you in BBS.....and lose >.<
    Yeah, close by there. If you really wanna know exactly you can always just use mapquest or something lol
    Lol well we're both in Central Florida, but different sides. I'm in melbourne. By Cocoa Beach and Sebastion Inlet. You know that area?
    As for friend code, i don't have my DS on me but I'll send it to you as soon as I can. As for you beating me, GOOD LUCK! >:D I infected all my guys with the pokerus virus and have them incredibly strong. Doesn't matter if you're new at it, you'll catch on. It's not too hard to learn pokemon lol. My personal favorite guy is Larvitar and then by evolution the incredible Tryanitar.
    Btw which part of Florida do you live in? I remember you saying that you lived in FL, but don't remember what part you said. I'm in Brevard County
    Yeah I have a DS lite. Had it for a while now. I got Pearl but don't really like how they just keep dragging pokemon out. I liked up to Saphire and then kinda lost it. I LOVE Soul Silver though because I really loved the original silver and they did a great job redoing it.
    I'll stop by Gamestop and Gorilla Games soon and get those games then. I hate not really living near any good game stores
    Heck yeah. I grew up with this series man. When I was like 7 I played it, so playing this takes me back.
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