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  • No disappointment, I have a DS. Bought it for Days....still don't know if it was worth it....lol. I guess the pokemon games made it worth it. So whats the story about? Is it good because of its battle system or its story cuz I'm a huge story guy.
    Lol, well it doesn't matter. To a lot of people on this forum I'm just someone they don't really recognize or find importance in. So what's up with you? It's been a while.
    Oh wow! 17! I'm surprised xD most people end up leaving their home country when they're young with their parents. And yeah Cuba is in the middle of tropical paradise and the government is turning it into an island jail... "to the heart seeking freedom this island is a prison surrounded by water" LAWL.

    Sorry that was really nerdy and horrible of me lol. And omg lets be art BFFLs!!! xD; That is so crazy! I have some of my old/unfinished art up on facebook(as well as pics of NYC) and I posted some of it in my introduction thread in the Foyer. Unfortunately I've been working so much, and I'm in the process of teaching myself to speed paint so I can do good concept art, so I haven't really gotten to finish any good pieces lately.

    You're not going to Full Sail university, right? My friend was down in Florida and went to that school and it's a friggin scam :\ and you should visit NYC sometime! I absolutely love the city :) I went several times this summer, but it's beautiful around Christmas time with the tree and everything. Me and my best friend are going around New Years, prob a day or two after though lol
    Wow lol I can tolerate 60 degrees and up, it's when it gets under 60 degrees that I get annoyed. And I hate humidity, so Florida isn't for me. Maybe southern Cali though ;) How old were you when you moved from Cuba?

    And no I'm not a freshman :p I did a year at community college, and now I'm taking a year off. Hope to go to NYC in the fall. I want to get into game animation and concept art :) What about you? Got any career plans?
    Nice :) I'm not going back to school till this fall, so I've had/will have one really long break between my last semester and going back to college xD it's really nice, but at the same time I want to get back to school ASAP so I don't end up a dead beat drop out working at a dead end minimum wage job for the rest of my life. And New Jersey is.... cold.. Yeah. Its Jersey. You know lol. When I'm not working I'm out in the woods having bon fires with people, which is nice. I wish it was spring though :\ I prefer warm weather and I want to go to the beach ;___;

    How is.. wherever you live?
    Nothing much, you? I just got home from my aunts house. Checking the new threads. Thanks for the add btw ;)
    Oh man, I haven't opened up Photoshop in awhile.
    Lot of stuff going on IRL.
    Hosting my school talent show tomorrow, trying to figure out college. Life's rough. D:
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