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  • Ooh, what else have you heard from them? :) I'd be more than happy to give my own personal suggestions if you'd like!

    YES, she is the smex master!
    Wow! xD I think part of it is that some folks seemed to just leave the forum as time went on.

    Neat stuff, I'll be sure to check them out! :D Mastodon is GREAT. They're a really creative prog metal/hard rock band (think Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd with a touch of Southern Rock). While this isn't really indicative of their current music, here's a pretty hilarious song they did for the opening scene of the Hunger Aqua Teen Force film a few years ago.


    Ohohohoho, I do love me some good old smexy Aqua stuff! x3
    Yeah, I miss those chats about Aqua's habit of dominating and the various pairings (serious and crack) that we came up with her. I wonder what it was that killed off the clubs? It just sort of... died out.

    What music have you been listening to lately? I've gotten into this band called Mastodon. GREAT stuff.
    Yeah, I joined the forum almost five years ago and it really doesn't seem like it's been that long! The heyday of the old clubs especially only seem like it was yesterday. I guess I've been really nostalgic lately.
    It's so weird to see how much things have changed here over the past several years. It really only feels like yesterday that we were all always chatting with one another.

    Happy belated Easter to you too! :D
    I actually haven't seen those videos! I'll have to check 'em out later though! How is Chasespicer056 these days? I don't think I've seen him around here in a long time. I miss the good 'ole days~ xD
    That's terrific! :D I've also been working on writing more often lately; only original drabbles at the moment though. I want to get into the habit of writing more frequently and let my writing come to me more naturally.
    I've been working on a film project with the local teen film group. We'll be finishing it up in May or June, I think. I'm also learning how to play the bass guitar! :) I'm hoping to get the KH remixes later this year.
    I'm doing alright! I got accepted in UNC Wilmington, so I'll be transferring there in the fall! So excited! ^_^
    Hey, in case I forgot, I just want to thank you for the review on Falling for a Nobody. I'm gonna upload a new chapter soon so be on the look out (the story will be finished this month). How have your stories been lately?

    BBS Vol. 2 as cutscenes? That's an intuitive idea actually! I never even thought of that, it would be so much easier for the developers though.

    Terra is powerful. Honestly, Xehanort is a bit overrated in terms of how powerful he is (Master Xehanort, that is). In one on one combat, he has been bested by both Aqua and Terra (even before he was possessed, Terra had the guy panting. I doubt Xehanort needed him to keep going once darkness had taken its hold, I think the geezer just got cocky). In that sense, I'm sure we'll see Sora tear him a new one in KH3, much to the enjoyment of all fans.

    Honestly, the one thing I'm curious about is Xemnas said (in the Japanese version of DDD mind you) that his group accomplished "another goal" instead of achieving the Xehanortification for all 13 members. I wonder if this other goal has something to do with finding a way to reach Ven in Castle Oblivion.
    I think it's safe to say that Xemnas has at least a weird obsession with Aqua. But that all depends on the memories he and Ansem inherited. If he DOES have memories of Aqua though, then the emotions Terra felt will come along with it, as he explained.

    DDD pretty much implied that Ansem has Terra's memories of Riku, so I'm curious to see them expand on Xemnas's memories more in DDD. I'm also hoping he and Ansem try to overthrow MX at some point, because given the egos that EVERYONE in that cohort has, it's likely that someone will try that when the time comes.

    I've checked out some of those videos actually!

    "Start Again" is really well done!!

    I'm hoping we get Aqua/Terra moments in KH3, but since Terra probably won't even be a light, we'll barely see much of them. If that's the case though, the early games in the next saga will probably show the regrets and angst they still have after the mess with Xehanort.
    Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement and news means... I'M BACK!

    A oneshot sequel to Body and Soul?!?!?! Yes!

    Honestly I could see them making Xemnas turn on Xehanort out of Terra's influence at the final battle or something (I still believe :D )

    ...that's an AWESOME theory!!! I love it! It's very possible that it was a trick.

    I've always assumed that Terra thought Aqua and Ven died after he saw the X-Blade explosion/light, and in my opinion, that's part of what keeps the Lingering Sentiment from leaving the Keyblade Graveyard: shame for failing to save his friends.


    Just saw your PM... college is good! I've been on summer break for a while now. How's the workforce these days?
    Back for another monthly post lol.

    Don't even talk about time travel, I've had it with that haha.

    Yea they took that scene out. I saw it on a subbed video.
    I've been good, finally got my internet back lol. x3 At least your doing ok. What's your job?
    1. I'm gonna probably just stop going on the forums too, I just don't have free time like I used to. Again, apologies for making you wait forever for responses all the time, it's not fair.

    2. I'm HOPING BBSV2 would have cutscenes.

    3. Ah yes... the X thing. I guess it makes sense seeing how he can always find them regardless of his incarnation.

    By the way, they took out Xemnas's one line in 1.5 HD Remix.

    When he says "So sleep has taken you again" to Roxas...

    It's gone.

    I'm curious to know why they did this. I feel like Nomura might have a Terra influencing Xemnas surprise waiting for us soon.
    Hey LS! :D How are you? :) I actually have not been to Bleach Asylum for sometime now, actually. I've heard elsewhere though that the site was having issues though, so that might be it.
    Sorry :/

    I've read maybe one or two other authors who are on Mordecai's level out of all the fanfictions I've come across.

    My resolutions are to focus more on action than talk when it comes to solving problems and to be more patient.

    Ah! There SHOULD be a "captain" in there somewhere. He's awesome though, Depp does a phenomenal job as him in the movies.
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