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  • ...sorry...went MIA for too long again...

    Really? Mordecai hasn't stopped writing?

    Not back at school quite yet, though I struggle with keeping up here anyway. Hopefully KH3 will keep me motivated when it finally comes out.

    I doubt anyone could measure up to Mordecai's vision of the story (few can measure up to Mordecai PERIOD)

    On a belated note... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Any resolutions for the new year?
    Thank you! I'm glad you like the theory, I just feel like if it didn't happen it would be a wasted chance at character development for the Xehanorts.

    Retail eh? Doesn't sound so fun.

    Ansem's definitely the best ham.

    Have you checked the description for the story? It says "up for adoption" at the end, I think the author's done with it.
    Organization 12. Because 13's a bit of a crowd ;D

    Not so good eh? What do you actually work as right now?

    I just looked at that! Ansem REALLY was the large ham, even in COM. XD

    By the way, I'm very disappointed that Fading Sentiment has been halted. It was getting so good!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yep, another 12 chasanorts. And once they come to this site, it's time for world domination!

    I think Xemnas's tone of voice in some scenes (like the one with Roxas) will hint towards something.

    Btw, I wouldn't be surprised if they finally added an extended version of Xemnas visiting the chamber of repose as a bonus scene or something. I feel like they'd rather get that out of the way now instead of waiting for KH3 to clear some of that up.

    Oh right... the real world... and how was it by the way? :D
    Alive? Of course I'm alive! I'm like Xehanort, I'm never dead for good ;D

    ...I never even noticed that, but you're right! Definitely bobble heads hahaha!

    Watching Days fully dubbed, ESPECIALLY the Xemnas cutscenes, will be awesome.

    My fics are... er... probably pissing off my viewers cuz I haven't updated in so long. When I'm at college I just kinda lose myself from this site and fanfiction.net
    Sorry... went MIA again... for a WHILE this time.

    1.5 looks good! I'm glad we'll finally see a completely dubbed version of Days!

    How's the rest of your fanfics going?
    I love reading, writing, games, movies, and dancing! :D I also like to cook, and eat, food! xD I love KH (obviously) and Zelda! :) It seems we have a lot in common! ^^
    LS! It's been way too long, I haven't gone on here in months lol.

    I'm just really busy lately, loving this year of college so far though.

    Hows everything with you been?
    The time travel concept is really screwy honestly.

    I'd definitely say the secret ending either hints to KH3 or BBS V2.

    I'm curious to see what goals Xemnas DID accomplish through the Org. And despite how he and Ansem acted in 3D, they're not lapdogs. I'm waiting for them to turn on MX out of power-hungry greed.

    It could be either KH3 or BBS V2, hopefully whichever it is the plot doesn't feel rushed. There's still a lot to explain.

    Still, I'm wondering if it's also a hint towards the 13th Xehanort. Nomura does love double meanings.

    So any progress on your stories lately?


    Wow! This one line made my day:

    Xemnas: One can banish the heart from the body, but the body will try to replace it the first chance it gets.

    Hmm... now WHO'S body is Xemnas's? Ah, right, that would be TERRA!
    Yeah, I heard the English version too.

    I also found this:

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (English Version!) Part 31: The Grid (9/14) - YouTube

    Xemnas talks about how memories give rise to emotion. Considering what he says later, those emotions form a heart for Nobodies.

    So... we have a final shot here, my friend.

    What it comes down to is whether he has Terra's memories.

    And considering how Nomura LOVES plot twists and Xemnas had kept Aqua's armor for so long, it seems that we may have been right all along. =D

    I feel like Xemnas and Ansem SOD are gonna show their own motives during KH3. 3D never explained how the hearts and memories of Terra, Eraqus, and MX were divided.
    While you're at it, don't hold it against me for taking a month to respond. I've been lazy about KH lately, I'm waiting to see spams of hate mail from my fanfiction fans for not finishing Falling for a Nobody yet. XD

    Nothing wrong with second guessing yourself in your writing. It would probably only help you improve the story.

    I HATED, absoultely DESPISED, that they brought in TIME TRAVEL! It's so unnecessary! The game could have progressed fine if Xehanort had returned as Terranort and had a different plan for resuming the Keyblade War.

    Chances are, whatever the next saga is, it won't live up to this one. Sequels are generally hard to make, and considering what the series has done so far, it's gonna be tough to surpass it. But money talks, and the games are still very successful, so I'm expecting to see new KH games a decade from now even XD.

    I've never been very accurate with predicting what Nomura will do, but one possibility I've considered is that the new vessel of darkness is Ansem the Wise.

    If you've noticed, there's something strange about Ansem and Xehanort's Heartless and Nobody. The 3 of them all have ORANGE eyes. Not yellow, orange. Now there are two possibilities:

    1. Ansem the Wise always had orange eyes, and his experiments on Xehanort eventually caused his eye color to change.

    2. Orange eyes signify another level of Xehanortification. A weaker level, that is, since Xemnas and Ansem SOD seemed to care about their own plans more than MX's backup.

    Example: Xemnas says how he will "devour all... the light and the darkness" during his battle against Sora and Riku.

    Now, we know what color Apprentice Xehanort's eyes are. They're brown. In both BBS, and the KH2 flashback, they're brown.

    Now, it's possible, though unlikely, that Ansem the Wise performed a final experiment on Xehanort after the flashback in KH2 with Mickey. This experiment may have unleashed MX's memories/ influence and caused the eye color change.

    However, I think that's less likely, and I feel that the biggest spoiler in the saga coming up...

    ...is that Xehanort WANTED Ansem to insert his data within Sora. Perhaps as a way to give the Lights a false sense of security and fight the 13 darknesses at once. Or perhaps the data contains a secret vital to using Kingdom Hearts' full power, something that Xehanort never understood or possessed.
    Jeez... did I really say Reconnect? Sorry about that.

    I think it's going well so far, Aqua fits in as she should. Though I am curious to see what you'll do with the Terra and Xehanort debacle in the story.

    Awesome, glad things are going well.

    So... what do you think we can expect after KH3?
    Right now my plans are just working, staying in shape, and going on vacation at some point.

    Wat are u up to this summer?

    Also, any more progress on Reconnect? =D
    Awesome!!! Congratulations!

    What was ur major in by the way?

    I'll check that out then!

    New chapter? Looking forward to it.
    Hey LS! I'm on summer break now actually.

    How've you been?

    REALLY?!?!?! I gotta check that out.


    That was an awesome chapter! I love how Mordecai is creating the connection between Xemnas and Terra, especially this:
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