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Recent content by kurokitsunefang

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    That Angel.

    Each morning I can still hear her, the Fawn in my headlights. The sound of her chest deflating, dirges in the distance. The feeling of Courage, I couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop. Her life lay upon mine, her cries in my skull. Her angelic figure with crimson wings spread across the pavement. One...
  2. K

    KH 2009 hours played

    lol im up there... maybe not that high, but i went 235 hours on days to try and beat those challenge missions, and RE: CoM was like 60 because i needed the enemy cards
  3. K


    Re: The Best Final Stage (MAJOR SPOILERS) I personally enjoyed the End of the World... it had 2 bosses, one of which was a demon lord... i mean come on... demons > fakes
  4. K

    Which one you usin?!

    Id probably play try and make him cry to his dead mother as Terra... power types make me smile (lol Lexaeus in Mission Mode...)
  5. K

    gamestop also says its there

    I think this is kinda old news >,> anyway- speaking of the guide- its released BEFORE the game, i mean wtf?
  6. K

    Birth by Sleep 15 hour for each scenario!?

    Well if they did one UMD it wud be easier for cross-scenario gameplay, but there is a size constraint... so if they did multiple they wud have to read/ load your save(s) from past scenarios.
  7. K

    unlimited magic? bbs

    lol mock-FPS FTW! but unlimited magic would be plain dumb
  8. K

    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    i was going to cry when the first game ended... b/c it ended. when CoM came i was like OMG MUST BUY! CoM is still my fave game in the sequence...
  9. K

    MX´s Keyblade

    i cant agree with u on the design. it looks a bit weird.. but it is sinister for the sinister charcter.
  10. K

    Esrb rating

    bouncy wilds were anoying. how stupid can ESRB get?
  11. K

    [Spoilers] Coded Episode Two

    if it gets localized in the US does anyone really think it will be on mobile. We [americans] kinda suck in the tech. department. and wudnt it be easier to port it to like the PSP or PS3 (they have PSN), or even PS2?
  12. K

    Help on a 100 acre wood minigame

    wats the point if you already met thye objective... its not like Tigger will give you the platinum card or anything... (i can only wish)
  13. K

    The Official KH2 Sephiroth Thread

    i beat him at 70, ultima, with berserk charge in effect. I wailed on him so he cudnt get an attack out
  14. K

    final mix ability confusion

    that wud have been helpful in the first version lol
  15. K

    what does 358/2 days mean

    the /2 might be that Sora's Memories are shared by 2 people, Roxas and Xion, so the experiences cud be the division