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Recent content by Knuxpyro56

  1. Knuxpyro56

    News ► D23 Expo collectible print includes Sora among iconic Disney characters!

    As of right now according to the D23 Expo Schedule, there are no signs for a Disney Games panel this year. However, they are still planning to announce more panels in the next 2 weeks. I would be shocked if they got rid of the games panel, considering how popular it is. Especially considering...
  2. Knuxpyro56

    News ► Disney Theme Park fans, Lets talk about Pixar IP

    If this needs to be moved into another forum, go right on ahead. Didn't really know where to best put this thread. Recently there has been alot of complaints about IP in the parks. Particularly if said IP is Star Wars, Marvel or Pixar. now, I have no problem with the first 2, more or less. Star...
  3. Knuxpyro56

    Does Square neglect KH compare to others?

    Seems to me that Square Enix's Marketing team was running KH3 advertising as if it were working Disney back in the mid 2000s (where Disney was struggling so much that catering to kids seemed to be the only thing right they could do). I agree with Spockanort. SE doesn't know how to market Kingdom...
  4. Knuxpyro56

    Film ► Aladdin (2019) - A whole new, new world

    Yeah, i am a big fan of the original film, so i was skeptical after seeing the Genie for the first time. But when the trailer hit with Friend like Me, i was in. And what i like is that Will is making his own version of the Genie, not trying to copy Robin Williams. I will say that i have...
  5. Knuxpyro56

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Lightyear, Luca, and everything else!

    Been a while since i've been in this thread. But the idea of using characters from TV shows into sequel episodes for worlds doesn't seem too far fetch (Heck Aladdin used Return of Jafar in KH2). Since Disney Animation would be the ones to create an actual 3D model to work. Problem is animating a...
  6. Knuxpyro56

    Film ► Dumbo 2019

    So did you guys see the movie. I really liked it. It is Tim Burton's best in a long time. And it feels unique, and i love the visuals.
  7. Knuxpyro56

    If you could add two summons to KH3 Final Mix, Who?

    I know a lot of people don't really use summons, but i happen to love using them, especially in boss battles, are enclosed horde rooms. So i was wondering if there was any sort of summons that you would want to add to the list who would it be. My First pick is Genie from Aladdin. There is no...
  8. Knuxpyro56

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Well at least he has decency to do just that, even though it would probably make him get lost playing it the first time through.
  9. Knuxpyro56

    I think i figured out how to put Mary Poppins in KH3 (or onwards)

    So it dawned on me after going to see Mary Poppins Returns (seriously go see the movie, its fantastic); I figured out how would she fit into Kingdom Hearts. So please hear me out and give me your thoughts. So we do know that there very powerful Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts. Mickey, Yen...
  10. Knuxpyro56

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Yes glad i wasn't the only one who thought of Minas Tirith.
  11. Knuxpyro56


    I always wanted for KH3 that on Mt. Olympus that the Gods would each have a champion (that being a Final Fantasy summon or character) and Sora would fight against them.
  12. Knuxpyro56


    Not Really. There is enough for Wreck it Ralph to have a world. Fix it Felix Jr, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush and Game Central Station. And even if they wanted to add Video Game Worlds into Ralph's world, they have plenty of Square Enix IP to use such as Tomb Raider Bubble Bobble Dragon Quest Nier...
  13. Knuxpyro56

    Attraction Flow Wishlist

    Its been a while since we had a thread like this, but i think enough time has pass to bring back this topic. I was just watching the celebration parades of Tokyo Disney's 35th (which if you haven't seen them, go watch it. Its that good). And it got me thinking about again which...
  14. Knuxpyro56

    RUMOR:New World Leaked And Will be Revealed In Early April

    Shanti is in it. But Kaa isn't? yeah....... no
  15. Knuxpyro56

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I remember back in 2015, Ryan did have extremely positive reactions of BH6 being in KH3. And back when Scott Adsit was on Leonard Maltin's podcast, he did say he was voicing Baymax in a game he couldn't...