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I think i figured out how to put Mary Poppins in KH3 (or onwards)

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Aug 24, 2015
So it dawned on me after going to see Mary Poppins Returns (seriously go see the movie, its fantastic); I figured out how would she fit into Kingdom Hearts. So please hear me out and give me your thoughts.

So we do know that there very powerful Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts. Mickey, Yen Sid, Merlin, the Three Good Fairies, Maleficent and Chernabog. Mary Poppins easily ranks near the top of the list since "The Impossible becomes Possible" when Mary Poppins is around.

So my idea is that Mary is a keyblade master in the same way that Yen Sid is one. However much like Yen Sid, she never shows herself using her keyblade. Her Umbrella happens to be her Keyblade (since she uses it to move around the world and is with her at all times, it makes sense). She happens to be an expert with Magic, since no one would ever imagine Mary Poppins actually throwing down some heartless.

So if she doesn't really battle, then what does she do? Well like the movies the mini games/combat and magic challenges could be used as set pieces from the movies. Such as a form of challenge to teach the player/Sora how to get the most out of attack, air and magic combos in scenes like for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Step in Time or Trip a Little Light Fantastic. While the cartoon segments could be used as much simpler mini games.

She could reside in either Twilight Town or Hallow Bastion (or they could go the Winnie the Pooh route and make it a mini game world on the world map). If they use the movie location, they could use the child characters from the films, or if using Twilight Town/Hallow Bastion, they could use some younger versions of Final Fantasy characters like Zidane, Caith Sith, and Lann and Reynn. They could also bring in Bert or Jack so that way Sora could have someone to interact with on the adventures.

At the end of your adventures with Mary Poppins, you'll receive her as a summon and would receive a keyblade. The Keyblade would consist of the handles having a Horse Carousel (Jingles), the center would be either a lamplight or a chimney sweep and the teeth would consist of the kite from the end of the first film. As a summon, Mary Poppins is like a Bahamut level summon. She arrives by descending from the sky and summon Holy creating a devastating beam of light that would eliminate most common enemies.

So what do you guys think? Got any other ideas?


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Feb 15, 2012
United States
I have always imagined her as either a character chilling in an original world or as a summon. So yes I agree haha. Her being a Keyblade Master sounds too rad to actually happen lol.


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Jan 4, 2018
I was actually pulling for Mary Poppins to be a world in KH3 for a long time until the one interview where Nomura said "it ain't happening in this game" basically directly. (I think someone asked about Mary Poppins and he said they thought about it, but decided they didn't know how to implement it and dropped it).

Dashed my hopes into the ground. T_T

I wish your ideas had crossed their mind because I always thought a Mary Poppins world would be one hell of a ride. Seriously, we could have so many cool zones in it. I haven't yet seen the new film, but from the old one there were so many interesting concepts. I actually always thought having some kind of "chimney soot" heartless would have been absolutely ridiculous and amazing, especially if you had to chase him around the rooftops.

It also could have been a very fun alternative to a winnie the pooh mini game world, with tons of little games that would tie-into the movie. A merry-go-round horse race, something involving kites, working with the waiter penguins, ...feeding pigeons? (I joke, but i actually would love that).

But alas, I suppose we will have to wait and see if they put it into another installment in the future.


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Oct 22, 2018
Almost everyone wields a keyblade...Why not Mary Poppins? It would be nice, just for the WTF factor.
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