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News ► Disney Theme Park fans, Lets talk about Pixar IP



Aug 24, 2015
If this needs to be moved into another forum, go right on ahead. Didn't really know where to best put this thread.

Recently there has been alot of complaints about IP in the parks. Particularly if said IP is Star Wars, Marvel or Pixar. now, I have no problem with the first 2, more or less. Star Wars just got its land, which is looking incredible. Marvel seems to be getting theirs too. However, there is no denying that Pixar has had an Overabundance of "attractions" in the parks. Its something that im not a big fan of. At least with Star Wars and Marvel, they are usually confined to one park in a Disney Resort (i.e. Star Wars Land and Star Tours in Disneyland and Marvel at DCA). But Pixar is a whole different thing.

It seems to me that Pixar properties are just an easy, cheap (in a six flags way) and lazy way to add new attractions. Need something to bring in guests for a quick buck? boom Pixar. Why do we still need Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters when we have Midway Mania. What does Finding Nemo Submarines, and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor have to do with the theme of Tomorrowland (a problem in another discussion). Incredicoaster is a cheap retheme that fits more in line with Six Flags than Disney. And the worst offender, Toy Story land. This is where the feeling of being in a 6 Flags is more apparent. Cheap Rides, no shade. Its just bad.

It feels even worse when considering that Disney Animation, the film who has its 3rd Golden Age is limited to a Frozen Ride and, Baymax/Wreck it Ralph meet and greets at Epcot. The usual princess meet and greets, and the worst offender. Tangled themed restrooms (cant get a ride, but you have a restroom). So my question to you guys is this.
  1. Do we really need more Pixar in the parks?
  2. What kind of ways could we add attractions for the recent Disney Animation films?
  3. Would you also like to see original ideas back (instead of being Asia exclusive, since it seems it feels that way)?