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  • i had to edit the last post check it, i made a small change to gears sitting arrangement before my moving speech
    re-read my post concerning Gear, Touketsu kept him at his apartment, it is in the last couple posts, he is in a back bedroom. Touketsu's room to be exact, i had touketsu without coming out and saying it give his room to gear for the time being, that is why Touketsu was on the pullout couch
    ok im gonna post and Im gonna free gear from the bed, Im gonna ask him about his life and why he does what he does, and what is the mindset behind all this senseless murder. after that it is you again ok / Lunar is pretty adamant that Treska goes to the DWMA soon, he is asking if you will bring her there asap. he wasnt to put Henry in the hospital before he gets out, im gonna eat up some time too, to allow some healing on gear and Henry too.
    so you were ok with Gears situation? Id like to train with Gear when he recovers, Ill teach him a new move in the fight that ill still have to think up, but I Want Touketsu to better understand witches and all. sorry for quoting gear, thought it would be weird if Gear had no thoughts on the matter or anything, i wont do it again, i just wanted it to make sense during my post.
    Alright i'll tell him. and yeah she's pretty cool. and alright thats cool. I'm working on my post as we speak (erm type)
    Treska's off to save Gear? attacking the DWMA? well i'm sure Henry will give her a rather 'warm' welcome :D (probably verbally since he's currently hospitalized but you know Henry and his habit of jumping into dangerous situations)
    Can't wait for your next post!
    post is up, hope it is ok i did minimal usage of gear, just a little dialogue and Touketsu's house at the DWMA
    hey, can i move you to the DWMA? I feel the need to get back there. the story needs a solid place to do the agreement. not some back alley....
    Thats cool, it'll be more interesting if she waits and does some detective work. Will she contact Gear at all?
    Sounds good. What about his lady friend? (bet she's not too happy with Henry. Maybe thinking some revenge realted thoughts....thoughts an ARCH ENEMY might think...cough cough)
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