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  • In soul eater are you ready to board the plane? and Abhorsen wants to know what you think about the other present you recived (dummy weapon)
    Yup yup it will. Henry's currently making a leader like speech to team Bravo since they all still seem to be in the same area. feel free to post afterwards
    Looks like Henry's going to have to prove that he's a good leader during the mission huh? Plus he'll have to show Treska that while he's not her biggest fan he WILL treat her like an equal and (eventaully) a friend
    Yeah she is. She came home yesterday!
    I'll be sure to go read your kh story when i get the time, i love a good horror story, and now its kh related? epicness.
    I've noticed a LOT of guests around as well although the rp should be rolling soon. and by script purge you mean virus thing right?
    never watched an episode of star trek in my life... I would join, butttttt like i said i have no freakin clue. id be a hassle, always messin it up, no idea wtf is going on. so its a nope for me too, sorry
    "Well, there was this guy named Zak." Gear says. "He interfered in my battle with Touketsu's friend. He wanted to take them away, but he just let them go after trapping them in a spatial barrier. I almost had them if he hadn't shown up. Touketsu, one of thee Meisters that came over there, got mad at me and knocked me out....I guess he had a change of Heart, cause now i'm here."

    the colored area is a little off, I didnt knock you out or kick you in the face, it was the other meister that I am too lazy to look up who it was. Just letting you know. I liked the post though!
    Okay and yeah they do actually.
    I've never been a real star trek fan myself so i don't think i'll be joining. Plus i don't really know the first thing about it anyways....sorry
    Okay then sounds good
    Its okay you didn't know and thought we were being lazy or whatever. anyways I just posted and Abhorsen's posting as i type. He got his computer fixed and we're both online now. I also posted in the formal challenge battle as well.
    Sorry, grandma's in the hospital and we've (me and Abhorsen) have been there for the last few days. I'll post later today if i can. Sorry for the wait
    hey, ill be on later tonight, got stuff to do in town today. Lunar and I left the story wide open for ya. Lunar will be on around 2 your time. anyway man, ill catch your post later on, i hope it works out between treska and the others, I did another moving speech to try to get her to understand. Henry seems to reluctantly be on board with the idea.
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