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  • I think that you should go with Abhorsen's idea, since it was introduced first and otherwise you'd have to go back and edit and change things and such. PLUS he'd probably put you in a box. I would know all about that..........
    id like to use the current idea, but i can leave you beaten again after I question you if you like
    its up to you, it will add a twist to witches in general, plus anyone who makes Henry close his big mouth (outsmarts the doof) tends to be on the "Touketsu's friends list", It doesnt have to be a solid you are in every fight against witches, but it would be cool if we teamed up to defeat the other witches, you can turn on us once they are all gone, up to you sir
    Hey, So i propose A second kidnapping, ill save your ass, from crazy witch guy,(if you want) and interrogate you for a bit, then ill probably kick you in the face and leave disgusted , and you are free from that other guy,oooor i can take you to the DWMA and your witch friend and you can come be good guys. just some food for thought
    That is a good idea, but do you mean that she won't fight at all except that one final fight?

    in that case my suggestion is that if Zak does nothing to save him maybe she could come (having watched the entire thing from the shadows) get gear, tell Brii to pass along a messige to Henry (the usual 'gonna get you for hurting my friend!' kind of speech) and then leave. no fighting involved
    and now that I think about it, it would be pretty cool for her to hold a big grudge against Henry for doing most of the damage to Gear. Everyone needs an arch enemy after all :D
    Dude your in pretty bad shape. Maybe your witch friend should come and pick you up. You can't just die on us!
    and I'LL just........well sit here. In a box. Until you decide on what to do.
    or at least until Touketsu and that other guy come and bust me out.
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