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  • i have a qustion.ok your going to make fun of me how do you....BEAT xemas"s last form!!??????
    yeah i accidentally told that guy future u were talking to whats sup kingdomkey. now he must think i'm some kind of creep lol ;D
    oh nevermind was looking at the wrong profile lol. we already had this conversation i was accidentally looking at future's profile for some reason.
    same as u except skate 3 and got a few more. just got god of war 3 and heavy rain. also thinking about getting demon soul since everyone said it was good and gamestop is having a sale.
    I didn't even say I was working on it. I'm busy with a lot of other stuff on another site. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. We have other artists at EBI, you know. Really good artists.

    As for the stock, it was okay, but multiple people + LQness = baaaaaaad, bro.
    Actually, the opposite is true. I love the Kingdom Hearts series. Best there is, in my opinion. I just hate it when people say that one or more of the games were unimportant. I agree that KH2 was too easy, I agree that KH3 should be a great game. But I don't think we should bash the entire KH2 game. I also don't think that KH3 be the only KH game we live for. I love the entire series. Without one single one of the games, it wouldn't be the same series. So, no, I don't hate it :)
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