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  • To your post, please do not respond to infractions made to your post in a thread. Contact the person directly. Second, yes, an infraction. It is a rule that we intend to be upheld. If you want to type fuck, go ahead but let it be censored by the system.
    Sorry about the lack of responses in your thread.

    It may have only been 2 days and even if the KH series/Handhelds section is deader than dead (god I hate how it's organized since activity is nonexistent there), you should have gotten more replies :c
    Hi! Sorry for the random message all of a sudden. If it's not too much trouble, would you please shrink the wallpaper in your sig? It's very large and inconvenient for other members.
    I was considering entering the Marine, but I talked to my brother about it and decided otherwise; not my thing. =/
    I tried modding my Wii, but it required a copy of Twilight Princess (which I traded-in, like, MONTHS before I learned that you could mod a Wii). =/
    lets see *counts* ITS BEEN FIVE YEARS FOR ME TOO! ahh when i first joined i was a dumb little airhead. i guess i am more confident of a dumb airhead now? also i am SM0RT im going to college. :'D

    i dont hate you at all!! you were one of the funniest kids! it is crazy, huh? do you think you'll start acting more mature here too? or is it a habit you can't break?
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