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  • why am i a nobody!?!? your saying i"m a emty shell of nothing like Roxas!?!?!?
    Yeah, that's definitely a problem on here, and FOKH will only get worse as BBS gets closer, especially after release. Some expanding on the topic is okay, but if I try and be strict and actually keep everything on-topic, people would get pissed, even though they're the ones going off-topic. Gotta strike a balance somewhere.
    Probably because as the largest unofficial KH website on the net, we've got at least a little bit of quality reputation to uphold.

    But thanks all the same for hearing me out, even if nothing comes of it.
    I'm merely giving you a suggestion that will not be at all difficult for you to enforce, and it will make people take you just a little more seriously if you go to the effort of spelling properly. There's no rule against having fun on the forum, but there's also no good reason to not spell properly when the way you write is key to the message you want to relay.

    Another thing I'm getting at is if you ever want to try and say something meaningful or deep, but people know you for all your one-liner semi-spam posts, they're simply not going to take you seriously.

    You being able to properly write and express your ideas is something good, and it improves your ability to discuss fluently.

    As a staff member, it's my duty to keep these forums in high-quality, even if it means little things like telling people to resize their signatures or to maybe go to the effort of spelling a little better.
    While it's not essential, when you type up messages, I constantly noticed you've miss typing the 'a' in 'that'. If you go to the effort of including it, you'll be taken a little more seriously and no one will need to be annoyed by some inaccurate spelling.
    two reson"s if your friends see that a little twerp talking to you and i"m not really that confadet
    i"m 10 and sorry!And sorry for talking to you i really hate myself for wasting your time on some little kid like me huh?
    Well, let me check for his case... Ah. He was banned for "frivolous posting."

    Basically, posting like a moron, bringing up stupid facts just to start arguments, etc.

    But you can be banned after getting infractions. Certain infractions are worth more points and when you hit 30, you're banned for an alloted time. It's best that you don't make a new account after getting banned to avoid being permanently banned. If you keep it up, the admins can contact your ISP and have your internet shut down.

    Also, why don't you space after your punctuation? D: Just wondering.
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