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  • What point? That KH3 can't wrap-up some minor and unimportant details? Fine then. You win. *bows down*
    That I ever say I dislike how the story is shaping up? No. I'm hatting how the plot's writer shapes it up, forgetting about important details. Do you remember Trident having knowledge of the keyblade? There have been a lot of games after KH1 and that was NEVER explained.
    So, you DO acknowledge the existence of inconsistencies in the plot so far. :>
    A lot of people would beg to differ. Nomura writes up the story as he goes, as in, he doesn't revise past plots, reason as to why we've had so many retcons.

    Even in KH2, backstory for the keyblade was unnecessary. Again, KH1 introduced the keyblade was a weapon that had a mind of its own, even after KH1, a backstory for the keyblade wasn't needed. What happened to Xehanort? If you mean by his past then reports in KH3 could have covered that up.
    That was unimportant in KH1, since the keyblade was described as an animated object with a small mind of its own.

    By the time Xigbar says this, one can say is that he was referring to Mickey and/or Riku.

    One of Ansem the Wise's apprentices. If his reports covered him, the Heartless and the Nobodies pretty well, why can't in KH3 there be reports clarifying a lot of "unanswered questions"? Meaning that KH3 could have handled everything pretty nicely.
    Roxas' days in Organization XIII unimportant. Don't see what's so important about learning someone's life in a group when in KH2, you get ALL the important details. The tormented ones are important because of coded. Before coded, all that was important was fight Xehanort's Heartless, his Nobody and, possibly, his complete being. Riku's time when Sora was asleep was covered in KH2; he was snooping around about Organization XIII alongside Mickey and protecting DiZ, Namine, Sora, Donald and Goofy. The data inside Sora wasn't part, again, of the standalone trilogy plot. See, problem is, if the series were, once again, a standalone trilogy, KH3 could have covered KH1 and 2 quite nicely.
    omg im so srry.i didnt even mean to post that to you.i meant to post that on dexter's wall.i dont even think i know you.srry for makin you think tht it appears as tho you hate kh.
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