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  • We've closed at least four in the past 24 hours. >.>; But at the point when we ask for it to get closed, it's turning into spam. And it's not always from us. Lol.

    I'm bored. >: There are no new threads for me to post in, aside from that Unbirth Theory by DMRayz, but I don't want to read his theory... It's quite long. >:
    Yeah I know. How do you have time?! xD Also, for me, this forum lags a lot so it takes forever to get to a post sometimes and I'm pretty impatient so yeah lol.
    By us. Lol. Many times. Which is something I really hate. When I post the answer and it gets repeated a few times and they still don't get it.
    lol. Yeah they're probably starting to get annoyed. We spammed 3 threads in a few minutes. Then had them all closed.
    D: We did it again. We spammed another thread. Shit. The mods are probably getting tired of this, especially Iridium.
    Not really like we can help it. I mean, after you've answered the question the topic's presented, what else can you do until a mod pops by and closes the thread? :E
    No problem, just remember that for next time ;3
    And it's been taken care of and thanks for alerting me.
    I took care of the KH movie thread but I'll get down to the Pure light thread immediately.
    For future reference, please provide links to the thread (s) in question; makes my life a lot easier ;P
    Ask someone else, I'm far too lazy busy.
    Ok it should work now. =] Oh just one question you are doin 'right-click Save As' right also you are going to 'Edit Avatar' right? not Edit Profile Picture?

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