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  • Oh, and I'm good, btw. xD French trip tomorrow with college, yeeeah. Languages & translation & interpretation conference. :)
    Comment allez-vous is correct, yes. :) However, the "vous" form of "you" is only used when speaking to more than one person at once, when speaking to teachers/elderly/important people, or when showing respect. You should call me "tu", the familiar form of "you", used when talking to your friends, family, people you know, animals, kids younger than you, etc. In the "tu" form, "comment allez-vous" is "comment vas-tu". French lesson number one! ♥
    i realized that Pussy critizises porn which looks like the opposite HA
    i should but it will have to wait till the weekend >.<
    Haha i downloaded it illegally so i dont have the bonus track :p
    Ich Tu Dir Weh, thats a good one. Lol Pussy is hillarious! Do not watch the music video, its a 4 min porno >.<
    Lolz im ok thank you for asking.
    just bored because theres nothin to do so i'll go make another sig -.-

    and how are u ryan?
    When I started learning Spanish, I was like, "Wu-HAAAT?!" The grammar was so confusing and all over the place and I was totally lost & I hated it for a while. Teaching onesself a language is never an easy thing to do, but I mean, go for it, I say. Nothing stopping you. I would be one of these fangirls and "teach myself Japanese" but I'm not a fangirl and I don't wanna learn like four new alphabets and their corresponding sounds, tyvm. French is easy, I guess. But I mean, it's my first language so really I have no room to speak. I'll say that it follows the same pattern as English, and unlike Spanish you don't have to mix and match the order of words for something to make partial sense. Unlucky for you, you're at school, ahahaha. I start my second year on the 14th of Sep, but I think I already mentioned that to you. It gives me so much pleasure knowing that this is my final year at college before I start university and be a bit more adult-ish. Maybe I'll have to work on my swearing in that case. When I'm on here it's like I have typing OCD or something because the word fuck seems to slip outta my fingertips regularly. Sorry about the Nazi thing. Come on, I've been brought up in England where a lot of people dislike Germans for obvious reasons (though Germans don't bother me) and I'm accustomed to calling German people Nazis as a joke. Though I do think, if it consoles you, that Hitler was greatly misunderstood. So no need to feel bad. People go, "OH HOH. OH HOH HOH!" when I tell them I'm French and ask if I like omelettes du fromage and frogs and snails, which I don't, btw. Though I do like cheese omelettes. I think people say French people suck because they're snobby or something but others think French people are misunderstood. I wouldn't know. I am one. Don't worry about rambling. Best way to go.
    Sure. :) I'll even help you & things. Btw, if you were wondering, 'là-bas' means either 'over there' (as in someone pointing to something) or 'there' (with the same meaning.) 'Là' by itself (with an accent on the a, or else it means the feminine version of "the") means 'there', as in somewhere you can't see or point to. 'Y' has pretty much the same meaning as 'là' except it's a bit different and is put in a different place but I'll shut up about that because it's not something you'll learn for a long time & you're probably confused as hell so don't think about it.

    I also speak Spanish. I started learning it last year as an ab-initio course at college (basically learning six years of Spanish in a year & doing a college course) and I got my exam result. A overall. :D A in my oral exam, B in my reading/writing/listening exam. I was so happy since I thought I did ridiculously bad in the oral exam because I froze up and forgot everything buttt ahhh I PASSED IT MOTHERFUCKER. Sorry for my swearing. D:

    Taking Italian up, too. Did I tell you that? Think I did. Did I also tell you I might teach myself German? I dunno. I'm confused. I just told my friend that and she called me a Nazi. How very affectionate of her. </sarcasm>

    Pft, French people rule. Though I wanna live in Quebec, ya know? Sorry for talking a lot. I tend to do that. 8D
    French is my native language. It's good to hear someone speak it here... Gahhh, I don't know why but... I don't even fudging know. Good to know you're 'ici'. Je suis là-bas.
    so $ 75
    do you think its worth it--right now i only have 30 because i spent $90 at gamestop lol
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