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  • "Why do you keep avoiding the faults in your theory?"

    ^ It wasn't my theory in the first place. o.o I'm just saying that it isn't impossible, k?
    Hey thanks for adding me, just wondering why my rep didnt add a green box at all? And have also a merry christmas!
    No problem, taken care of, and honestly I felt that it should have been closed after the 1st page ;P
    I was trying so hard for it not to be spam. D: Unless we have someone attempt to defend the idea DS=Braig, it's just going to be all of us against him. We'd be ganging up on him and it'll turn into a spam nightmare.

    Mind telling Iridium to close it?
    Wait... You're talking about Oathkeeper, right? Lol. It's not his theory. It's the other guy. =/ He hasn't posted in the thread for a while though... I think he last posted on the 2nd or 3rd page.
    Oh darn. :] I just quoted everything I just said in that BBS Theory thread. o.o About how DS =/= Braig.
    Posting that helps very little, just ignore the thread and if a moderator isn't already taking care of it report it.
    Ah. One thing you need to have of before you post a theory; evidence. D: Otherwise,it's all just speculation and has about as much merit as a fanfic.
    Yeah these theories are getting old. But it will keep us occupied until the games actually come out.
    I'm a fast typer too and it lags on really long posts sometimes but yeah I just get lazy and don't feel like posting. So anyways, yeah I replied to your post. I forgot about the part about anger and rage. My bad haha..
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