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  • Thank you <3 I did! It wasn't very exciting, just working and sleeping and meeting friends really.
    That sounds great! Did you do anything fun~?
    I still haven't gotten around to reading it ><". But I will, soon!
    AkuRokuShi :D.
    And yep~ ^^
    Yeah, I've been busy.

    I forgot to mention that I also hate Xigbar.

    Vexen's laugh didn't affect me like Kefka's did, but it is cute.
    You got a point there, Mickey could have kicked his ass :3

    Both Zexion and Ienzo are cute, Zexion just has that child-like aura about him, and so does Demyx(he should have kicked Sora's ass). As for Vexen, his laugh in the original Chain of Memories is cute. Reminds me of Kefka, just much less creepy.

    With the release of RE:Chain of Memories, I saw what really happened.

    I like the look of Ven and Terra, but not Aqua very much...
    Yeah~ That would be cute ^^.
    No problem~ And I'll be sure to read it, soon! ^^.
    And yes, it is good :D. AkuRokuShi<333.
    Thanks~ And it's still Valentine's Day here, so not that late :).
    Yeah, possibly :p. And eh, not too hard.. Just have like, either whole trio celebrates Valentine's Day, or a pairing from the trio with the third character supporting... Or something like that? ^^;. I'm not sure XD;. Maybe it would be.
    Yeah :). I'm glad you got it done in time, as well ^^.
    And I haven't kept up-to-date with that XD. I probably need to go back and re-read the parts that I have read already, then read the rest..
    It's good that your love for RAX grew~~
    And happy Valentine's Day! Even though it's probably late by the time you read this.. XP.
    Thank you~ ^^.
    Yeah.. unfortunately XP.
    And that's cool! Will you post it on deviantART?
    I think it was pretty good ^^.
    Thank you for reading my fan fiction! =3

    I've been fine lately. Just busy with school. =x how about you?
    You weren't worried about Mickey? I sure was XD

    I just rented Re Coded, I'll read that bit later.

    Kefka's laugh IS creepy. I'll give you that, though his FFVI sprite is kinda cute(non-sexual again). His official artwork, however, is just creepy. Perfect to kill Aqua with. Sephiroth is lame though.

    In the original, Axel called Zexion "Zexy", which rhymes with a certain other word. Plus he LOOKS like a rapist/child molester. Zexion isn't a child, but he IS cute...in a non-sexual way. And right before he died, it showed a black screen. I thought Axel got Riku Replica to strip Zexion so Axel could rape him easier.

    I'll get to the novel someday.
    Sora could have just moved past him though, oh well, at least it wasn't Mickey Mouse in a cloak.

    Terra treats him like a kid brother, while Aqua treats him like a baby.

    I just hope Saix and Axel(he needs to stop appearing in so many games) stay dead.

    When you first saw Larxene approach Riku Replica, did you think she raped him? I thought that Axel raped Zexion in the original too.

    Vexen is kind of jerkish, but I like him better than most characters. He's also one of the cuddliest Organization members, next to Zexion and Demyx. Below him are Xion, then Roxas.

    I stopped RPing...for personal reasons. Nothing to do with my real life, but I just don't do it anymore...

    I didn't read the manga or novel.

    I'm not a fan of any pairing....except Terra+Me. But ESPECIALLY not SoKai. That's my most hated straight pairing.

    I have a short story for Kefka(FFVI) and Aqua (One-Sided). I might post it here soon. The basic summary is, Aqua gets rejected by Terra AND Ventus, so she goes out to clear her mind, and sees Kefka, just laughing his head off. She approaches him....and he kills her.
    I HATE Sora because he's so annoying in KHII. His battle cries were more annoying in KHI(DEEP FREEZE!!! DEFENSE!! THATS IT!!), but as a character, Sora in KHII gets my vote. Plus he gets too much spotlight, and he's a complete Gary Stu, AND he's too lucky. Donald should have CRUSHED him as a heartless, but NOOOOOO, the plot demanded it....AND he has all these people inside him, and he just has fun....he doesn't care about his friends at all, except when the plot demands it! Plus he cares WAY more about Riku than Kairi. He didn't even want to hug Kairi. Also, he killed Demyx, who did NOTHING, he could have just said "Excuse me." I'm surprised he didn't try and kill Mickey Mouse in a cloak!

    Aqua, it was her fault that Terra fell deeper into darkness, the obnoxious blue haired bitch......her voice(both JP and ENG sucks), her playstyle sucks, her outfit sucks, and so does everything else. So what if she can fight? Kairi and Xion fight too, and they're females. She told Ven to go home WITH VANITAS ON THE LOOSE...and then she just left him there! Ven nailed it on the head in that scene "You let being a Keyblade Master go to your head." And he's right! Yet she was so ignorant.

    Agreed on Eraqus. He's not a bad character, I just don't really like him...

    Xehanort, Don't like what he did to Terra....

    Axel, he killed a WEAKENED Zexion and Vexen without remorse...

    Saix, he ordered Axel to kill people who were LOWER THAN HIM. What a douche

    Larxene, she's a Riku Replica raping bitch, AND her hairstyle is ugly

    Do you roleplay BTW? I quit recently, but I still write stories.
    Yep ^^.
    Alright :). Yeah, I've been posting a bit~
    And I'm not sure... ><". Probably not too soon. I'd wanted a Valentine's Day contest, but I need to get everything from previous contests finished, first. So there probably won't be enough time :/.
    Yes, you did! ^^.
    I've been fairly good~ Mainly good ^^.
    It's good that you've been good, as well :).
    And she has asked me to join already~ So I'm there ^^. I'm pretty sure. I think it's the same one you're talking about..XD;.
    I HATE Sora, Aqua(Thanks to her, BBS is become FFVII, which I also hate), Xehanort, Larxene, Axel, Sephiroth, and Eraqus a little. Eraqus isn't that bad, given his role, but he's not one of my favorite characters.

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