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  • I was never a summer person to begin with lol Fall and winter have always appealed to me.

    AnoHana's a good tear-jerker, but HanaIro surpasses it when it comes to the coming of age imo. Seen Nichijou yet?
    *waves back!!*

    I hope it paid off!! I haven't got my grades back yet... but I am feeling confident! :D
    It's not proper Easter until Friday, but my gym trainer gave me an easter egg and the ladies at the lunch hall on campus gave me more today too!! I think when I go home my mum will give me more X3 *loves chocolate*

    Do you have plans for your day off?

    She's one of mine, too X3
    Hello!! :D

    I have been pretty good. School really kicked my ass for a while but I got on top of it, now I'm just hanging out for Easter Hols :D~ I'm glad things are going well for you!

    Thanks!! Her expression was too cute to pass up XD;
    Pretty dandy, I was just reading Himoru Arakawa's new series. Besides that nothing much.

    Still trudging through it but I think I might go with the following:
    [C]- The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
    Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
    Hana-saku Iroha

    And you?
    My favorites? I'd say Science Fiction for now after watching INCEPTION. I'm pretty bored with certain fantasy stories nowadays.

    Agreed. Enma Gavel has really good potential for an awesome shounen series someday.
    Depends on your tastes I suppose. Do you like science fiction?

    Cross (OOGA Asagi) Manga - Read Cross (OOGA Asagi) Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox
    Nisekoi (KOMI Naoshi) Manga - Read Nisekoi (KOMI Naoshi) Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox
    Enma Gavel Manga - Read Enma Gavel Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox
    We all expected so much. I think that's part of the reason people liked BBS; they can't accept that they wasted $40+ on it.
    Pretty average, just thinking about organizing myself a bit more.

    Reading The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and some manga one-shots.
    i have been going okay! all the danger in Japan has made me so sad and worried for my friends, though. it's hard but i guess worrying won't fix anything...
    what about you?
    Blah, have still been busy ><". I'm sorry for being an eternal procrastinator for like, ever...XD; D:.
    Yes, definitely!
    Hopefully that's the case.

    I can't believe I forgot to mention Vanitas. He contributed almost nothing to the plot, he was just a sorry excuse for a clone. Nomura needs to take his shitty recolors somewhere else.
    Yes! In fact I've made more chapters. Here's the master list for them. I usually update every once or twice a month:

    ? Distant Worlds ? - Radical Notion chapters list
    The gameplay was the ONLY THING good about RE: Coded.

    Xigbar is just annoying, with his constant "As if!"s, and I LOL'd when Terra owned Braig.
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