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  • Hey! Sorry for the late reply, but I just finished school so I finally had the time to update the Axel/Saix fic I'm working on.

    I have written four chapters so far. I hope you enjoy !
    ? Distant Worlds ? - Maid to Serve chapters list
    Yeah I figured it can really be useful to transport family or just go out on my own when I feel like it (when I'm older of course). Well I'd obviously gt arrested for driving on the streets without a liscence so that's a yes.
    Oh sounds dandy, I'm starting to learn how to drive now. It doesn't seems as hard as it's supposed to be but it's important to stay attentive.
    Nah I don't really celebrate the holiday for personal issues. So what 'cha up to?
    Thank you for the links~
    And thank you so much!! :). I had a pretty good birthday ^^
    *loves talking to you* 8DDDD

    And yes, very interesting, it was even interesting to me as I wrote it all. And heh! You make me feel so special and accomplised that you think I prove the points really well! Thank you, thank you! And I know right?? Sometimes it sucks to be a Kingdom Hearts fan, because you know you'll never get what you want. But here's hoping that if Braig is reborn...PERHAPS, and here I am crossing my fingers, that MAYBE he'll remember Sora. :p And thus Roxas. Or something. <____> I'm hanging onto fool's hope. I know...but still!

    :p AND OH LAWL! SORRY! 8D; But it is scary, ain't it?! I mean dude! Master Xehanort is the only guy I know that will actually THROW his heart like a BASEBALL. D:
    That would be great! =)
    I don't know if I can run a club, though. It's too intimidating for me to be a leader. XD

    Sure, I have some parts of my fan fiction up on my Live Journal already. I can give you the link if you want? Or do you want to wait until a new Axel/Saix club is set up so that I can post it there?
    I'm fine. XD Yeah I haven't talked to you in forever, either!
    I'm kind of sad that the Axel/Saix club doesn't exist anymore since Roa quite KH Insider. D:

    by the way, I'm making some fan art of the pairing and already started on a fan fiction on them. x3
    ;D Nah, it's cool! 8D Don't fret! *reads over your post*

    Yeah, I know right? Interesting how they said Days wasn't even in develpoment until after KHII was made, but the references seemed really...perfect. ;) And darn right he does. You know that he cared for Roxas. :p Even to the death. 8D Just like I tried to prove with my essay. I'm just sad to know that even if Braig does get reborn, he won't be able to see Roxas again...well...maybe with Ven...but it's not the same. ;3; Gosh darn it. XD

    But yeah. Here's hoping he won't do that! Or that Xehanort won't try to use him for something terrible or skinjump HIM or something!! Eeeeeek! O_O
    :D Eeeee! That makes me lovely night then. <3 Thanks again~!

    And YESSSSSSSS!!! I hope he comes back too. <3 That would be INCREDIBLE~
    8D Sorry about the length, if that bothered you. And ah! :) Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! :D

    And you mean the one with Yen Sid and Mickey? Yep. Sure have. :D It makes me excited
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