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  • oh gosh i dont remember my levels...just have 500+ HPs for everybody..ummm..yeah i think thats everything
    oh haha yeah i let that happen to kanji my first playthrough. i didn't like him at ALL.

    now im starting to like him just because he's so ridiculous about being manly

    trying to get all the first years' social links done before the end of the game is so hard. i had to save it for another playthrough so thats my goal for this summer. get to rank 10 with rise and kanji *U*
    YAY! havin fun? i have to be honest that dungeon was like my least favorite...the music omg so annoying
    i kinda was. if you listen to the music in the sewer boss battle its definitely electronic-y
    If it wasn't Batman, something worth watching, I would've killed someone.

    But I just got 400 points, and each cup is only 80 cents and I get a 32 OZ. drink, so it'll be worth buying a bunch of drinks tomorrow and getting awesome shit.
    I don't know, DLC, Arcade games, music maybe, little things like that.

    Last time I bought a movie, they charged me for owning a full movie, displayed it as "Purchase" next to "Rental" and when I purchased it, it expired after 24 hours.
    My TV has been broken, so just Angry Birds.

    But I'm planning on riding a bull for eight seconds and getting $600 for a new TV and games.
    either deathly hallows pt1, sorcerer's stone, or prisoner of azkaban. half-blood prince and deathly hallows pt2 are also really good.
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