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  • Yeah, it's different from the previous endings, where the protagonist goes back to the human world while the partner stays behind, mourns their departure and gets their wish granted about them coming back. The partner in the game is actually Mew.
    Nice! Yeah, I know the feeling when other Clarinet players are better at playing than me haha, I was 1st Clarinet but was bumped to 2nd. A little unhappy with the switch, but I'm actually improving more. I'm still managing on going to after school practices. I just left one today and had a good time with my friends who play baritone and flute. But I will say we need more Tuba players as my once crush is the only Tuba in the High School right now.
    Back from festival!
    It was definitely a long day, but I very much enjoyed it.
    By the end of the day, everyone in the band felt like family to me. It may sound weird, but either way I miss everyone already.
    Practice was slow, but the director was really entertaining within those 12 hours and was inspiring to me, he taught me more lessons on getting into music. Also during today, I made a new friend too.
    Band people played "Celebration" with Orchestra involved, Choir and dancers. The final performance was the complete highlight of my night, I will never forget today.
    "Purple Heart" was a deep song, it's a song dedicated to these individuals who lost their lives. During practice, I was almost in tears by the music. The music told such a sad but heartwarming story with the different elements telling a person tragedy and future.
    I will most certainly continue to go to more of these events, cause this was really the best time I've had in awhile. :)
    You're not as bad as me. I feel like I am close to getting into the psych ward, because my mental health workers worry about me and I pretty much punch or slap myself a lot. I am probably not taking my medication correctly. Sometimes, I feel like Donald Duck in Nutzi Land, if I do something wrong then I'll attack myself.
    That's great Grono! My last day is next month though, but I'm not in college yet. I wish you good luck for your next year! :D
    Hopefully, you don't have to check yourself into a psych ward. Those places can be hellish, especially since they don't let you have anything with wires.
    Yep, definitely. I might bring an emergency pillow myself, I'm going to be there from 8am to 8pm, so 12 hours is probably going to make me tired haha.
    I know that, last year I went to a similar event to the one happening tomorrow, and rehearsal was incredibly slow at first. By lunch time I was hungry along with another Clarinet player named Grace. But we had to wait another 30 minutes from our original time to have lunch due to getting the cafeteria ready. When I finally got to eat, I was scarfing down so much food. xD
    I think it could be lol. But I've played funk music before so this won't be anything new to me. xD
    Hey Grono! Tomorrow's the big day at going to the university to perform! Seeing you asked about if I got the pieces to play, I want to say that today I finally got them. I was given Clarinet music for the songs "Celebration" and "Purple Heart". So far they look like excellent pieces. :)
    I've been watching anime, one of the first that I actually watched on Youtube was called Jyu-Oh-Sei.

    I can't forgive one of their characters, Third. The guy pretty much killed an innocent woman because she was a threat to his plans and he later committed suicide because he believed the protagonist to be some sort of messiah made by scientists.
    How are you doing today?

    I wish the stupid mail would just get to New York. Why the heck did it take until the forth when I sent it out on the 29th to get any updated information from eBay and United States Postal Service?
    I might have a job if my interview goes smoothly tomorrow. I am hoping that I get. It is really shocking that I can't find any work, despite going through a job developer that helps people with special needs. Most of my job interviews that I have gotten were mostly through me calling the company. I should also invest in getting some new dress pants, because my old ones are getting pretty faded. I should also watch some makeup tutorials, so I could put on my foundation correctly.
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