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  • I'm probably as dumb as a board. I don't know why so many people obsess over IQ. I've worked my butt off in school to get As and Bs, but I always felt like I was an idiot due to having a previous IQ test that said that I was in the 90s. I might be in the 110s, but I doubt it! IQ is hard to change from what I have heard. I also feel pretty pathetic because I can't find any work and that I stopped going to college because of some stupid college debts that I have to pay off.

    I made a plan to pay one of them off with a $24 dollar plan.
    Yeah, I believe it was two Youtubers, Sargon of Akkad and Boogie. I think the drama is kind of overblown just like the one going on with Tree of Logic and SomeBlackGuy, apparently SomeBlackGuy disagreed with RageAfterStorm on a video regarding IQ and race and some Youtuber (possibly) Tree herself got called a coon for siding with RageAfterStorm.
    Probably, he did have some people that were thinking about making his work into a cartoon.

    Yeah, I just hope the woman who shot her boyfriend will have someone to take care of her kid and I hope she doesn't miscarry the child that she is currently carrying.
    Well, the person's name was Randy Stairs, Twitter name: Andrew Blaze. The person claimed to want a sex change since he hated being a guy and generally hated men, non-whites, specifically blacks. Randy brought a gun to his workforce after choosing through a coin flip on rather to kill himself in his bedroom or go on a murderous rampage at his job at the local grocery store. The coin flip after five times (I think) landed on the market, so he went there and shot himself after killing three of his co-workers (two men and a woman). Andrew's channel is down now, but there are other Youtubers that probably downloaded his videos and made commentaries on them.

    The guy was apparently a fan of My Little Pony and Ember McClain from Danny Phantom. Randy also chose not to go through the sex change because he was going to die, so he said it was useless. Maybe, I am talking bad about him, but Randy was insane.

    Also, I just recently heard about that couple.
    Well, it seems like a grocery shopping massacre happened that I just heard about yesterday. Apparently, the guy or rather woman (the shooter identified as a transgender woman from what I heard), her video and channel is still on Youtube.
    I swear some people on Youtube are completely ridiculous. Really, all I was suggesting is kicking out our current congress and setting term limits for them.

    However, this guy just responds, "???????????? Yall funny asf! The stupidity in this country is fucking real! Miserable petty cunts! We ain't going nowhere but inside some gringas!"

    Maybe, he's right and I am just being some complete doofus as usual. I still don't get why he meant. Perhaps, I am stupid!
    Yep, me and her have played instruments since early Elementary. :)
    Wow, sounds like the weather I had during the weekend. Sunday was the worst, we had a "code red Severe Thunderstorm Warning", but we got just a little of the storm.
    I guess it's good your week has been interesting haha. I've been overloaded with homework, and I have after school band practice tomorrow and next week for 2 days. Then I'm done for the school year. Soon after that, it's Marching Band. :3
    I wish Dugtrio had just gotten an evolution since Magnemite got an evolution through Magnezone. Nope, Moon and Sun just gave us a Diglettt and a Dugtrio with a Ground and Steel type combo and blonde hair.
    Sounds like my friend haha. She has been on Baritone and has been wanting to play Tuba. But she also wants to play Oboe, so she may play that. We don't have any Oboe players anymore as well as any Bari Sax. Next year there will be less clarinets (like we hadn't lost any already) and probably new percussion players who won't always break their drumsticks at basketball games. xD
    I picked Squirtle for Pokemon Blue and Popplio for Pokemon Moon. I wonder if my Graveler that I transported from Pokemon Blue got traded now. I really hate what the Alola version for Golem.
    I am trying to get Slowbro, so that I can get a Lickitung in Pokemon Blue. I am close to beating the Elite Four, even though I got completely decimated by the first of the Kanto Elite Four.
    I can't believe this! Somebody probably stole the fire extinguisher for like the third or fourth time. I wish my apartment could put up cameras in the hall to see who is steeling the fire extinguishers, because they are putting everyone on my floor at risk. Of course, I am probably being retarded again since those guys likely needed the fire extinguisher for an emergency, they forgot to put it back and decided to keep it for themselves, or they probably decided to sell it for cash. Those latter options really tick me off, but if I am so fed up. Why don't I get my own fire extinguisher?
    True! Hey, small world haha. I wanted to be a Tuba player once but I never could get a sound out of it at the beginning of my years of music. Only one that I could barely make a sound out of was Clarinet. Teacher's like, "Congrats! You are now officially a Clarinet player!" xD
    Well, I managed to watch a livestream of The Baby Boss. I had to turn off the live chat, because the commenters in there were getting irritating. I think they were trying to be offensive.
    Not really, it's pretty much going to be the same old song and dance for me. I still haven't been able to get my PS4 fixed and I am scared of taking it into the shop because what if they tell me that they can't fix it like they did with my old 3DSXL? I am planning on building up my PS4, but the service fee is thirty bucks.
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