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  • Yep, a lot of schools are showing up. :)
    No I don't know the music we will perform yet, suppose to be a surprise for the students.
    Thank you, I'm really looking forward to meeting people from schools all over the state. It's going to be a full day of practicing music for a big performance. Today I just went through practice after school and got some new pieces to play like YMCA. That's ok haha, I focus on a good variety of instruments, but mostly clarinet for events, concerts, basketball games, and Marching Band. :3
    Hey Grono! Good news! I've been nominated to go to a university next week to play music with other schools for the 3rd year in a row! Well, it's actually the first time for me to perform in an actual university, but I'm still excited. :3
    I know it's a little late, but thanks for liking my dark passage on the KH3 2023 thread :3
    I also got done with watching the video that you were talking about. Crowder was in the wrong, but I didn't agree completely with some of Armoured Skeptic's views like how he switched over to an unrelated topic of Daddy0Five.

    Yeah, I know. I am mainly subscribed to Logicked and I do listen to Mr. Dapperton, I just found their content more appealing than Armoured Skeptic's. Mr. Dapperton is kind of hit and miss on some things like how he complained about Freddy Krueger being made into a child molester, despite that being an original idea for the character. Logicked has also criticized religion mostly and somewhat politics, especially with the MS-103 Canadian bill.

    Of course, I have also defended Logicked from a Christian on Deviantart. She thought that Logicked was just projecting his own bias onto religious people that he was refuting.
    I kind of stopped watched Armoured Skeptic after That Guy T and Naked Ape ripped him apart with the Jon Tron vs Destiny drama.

    The Gamer Joint can say whatever he wants, but at least he doesn't film himself pranking his kids nonstop and not stopping until those kids are red in the face from being frustrated and about ready to throw a tantrum because their parents are always screaming at them and inferring they did something when they actually did nothing, example Emma kicks brother in the face and The Invisible Ink Prank.
    Well, they did an impressive job. I wish TJG would have given credit to Zephyr and TopHat.

    SomeGuy827 is a Youtuber that is infamous for his rants on Onision. He has Bipolar and he pretty much gets easily angry and swears a lot. Not that I can blame him since most of the people that he comments on are extremely stubborn or are up to some shady stuff. One of the Youtubers that he recently commented on was another Youtuber who is finding himself and his family in a bit of drama and news backlash because of child abuse and having ad revenue which profits off of it.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsIDtM4z9-4&t=243s One of SomeGuy827's recent rants on Daddy0Five and the Youtuber's apology for it.

    I didn't like some parts of the rant, especially with the fat stereotypes s towards the mom and the redneck stereotypes directed mainly towards the dad. I am actually from Virginia and spent some of my childhood in a town that bordered Virginia and North Carolina, where Daddy0Five is from. My golly, the redneck relatives that I had on both sides of my family (my mom and my stepdad's) were smarter than these parents. Even though, they said the videos were all fake, it still doesn't seem like it, because in some of the videos, he said they were vlogs.
    I wonder if anyone has gotten any confirmation and real evidence from the Kingdom Hearts staff and Tetsuya Nomura himself.

    Also, have you ever heard of Daddy0Five or Someguy827?
    UGH, does not sound pleasant. Honestly, if I'm gonna go to Taco Bell, I'll probably try something on the breakfast menu.
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