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  • That's nice you're going to do woodwinds. :)
    My friend is learning trumpet for our class, and she wants to teach me (seeing I never could play a brass instrument lol).
    And I could probably start playing some more instruments like the Tuba, but I need to play well with a trombone first. xD
    That's awesome! I've always wanted to play brass instruments, but I specialize woodwinds mostly, such as clarinet. I did at some time play flute because my older brother gave his flute to me. I mostly play clarinet in Marching Band.
    A year or 2 ago a video was posted of my school's Marching Band with me in it on YouTube. I don't enjoy seeing the errors that were made that year lol, but it's a learning experience. xD
    I played a little viola a few years ago, but now my older sister has my viola haha. She is pretty good with it, I've been to one of her concerts. :3
    I just got a keyboard at home and been taking lessons, I've learn to play a little Dearly Beloved on it and working more on Roxas' theme.
    I really want to start playing Bass Clarinet, seeing my friend Rachel has started to. It has a really cool sound and I love it! :D
    But I might play Alto Saxophone like my brother once he graduates from High School, he may give it to me and teach me some notes and keys here and there.
    -Cool man
    -I'll get on it
    -Sounds interesting. It sounds like one of those super prolific songs. You know, like songs that have some sort of legacy or impact
    -Yay! Glad you liked it.
    Sorry I've been gone. School has taken a toll on me throughout the week, but I'm on spring break now so now I have more time to be on. So let's catch up with these messages.

    -Thanks for the award, dude! So nice of you.
    -I have heard of Tenacious D. I've watched their movie like 3 times already and love it. However, mock rock isn't something I'd say I would listen to consistently, but I'll give it a try.
    -Is "Take Five" an artist or a song?
    -Did you check out Badbadnotgood yet?
    Hey, I heard you are a musician as well! :)
    What kind of instruments do you specialize in?
    It seems like the old wounds caused by the Satanic Panic are still healing.

    It's just like the Little Mermaid vs it's Disney counterpart. Some love the Disney version because the mermaid gets her prince after facing many troubles, whereas the one here has the mermaid losing everything including her life to be with the prince.

    The prince is selfish and decides to marry another woman because she is assumed to be the one that rescued him from drowning and her family, especially her sisters who made a deal with the sea witch for their sister's survival at the cost of their hair. Their sister had to kill the prince in order to get her find and previous life back. https://youtu.be/fLDp-E_aWR0
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UKdylt6WrY The Hard Bastard's video on Daily Mail's coverage of security vest controversy.

    The news typically hypes everything to make a quick buck. Of course, I will say this is their defense: Youtubers are flawed individuals with their own biases and can lead out important details just to promote their view.
    Yup and the Daily Mail is facing some heat because some weapons expert exposed a flaw in a German safety vest. They said the guy was encouraging terrorism because a cop wore a safety vest of the safe make and got stabbed too death in a recent attack.
    Yup and apparently, WSJ and other news networks/newspaper that happens to be mainstream are having advertisers boycott YouTube. It's pretty sad since the mainstream might win because they managed to turn a lot of people against JonTron and that people that talk about sex like LGBT+ channels should be defunded because of the possibility of children watching it. https://youtu.be/phnpaVxYbo4
    The Canadian Government also does not have the power to arrest people that mock Islam or Muslims also. If some idiot wants to draw Muhammad like what happened with Charlie Hebdo then so be it. But, that doesn't mean that they have the right to trespass on property to leave a pig's head or graffiti the mosque or any other property held by Muslims.

    Just like the Muslims that are protected don't have the right to do the same or worse. Just because some idiot comic strip mocked Muhammad didn't justify the cartoonists and other people killed. Hurt feelings are no reason to riot, it can mean to go to court or civil court.
    I haven't listen to any ska yet. My teacher loves the stuff. Says it is his excuse to listen to white-people reggae haha. He told me about this one band called Sublime, and I have their self-titled album in my albums list. I might consider to listening to that Streetlight Manifesto band too.
    Yeah, he is likely dead right now. It's a shame how the Pakistani government and Facebook are handling it from what I have heard.
    It's a group called BadBadNotGood. It'd be more convenient to listen to their stuff if you have Soundcloud or Spotify. They make very crescendo-based jazz music, but also had elements of instrumental hip hop and electronica in the mix. I listen to the album "III" (3) on Spotify since is the earliest release there, but the have older albums, too. So if wish to listen to them chronologically, I think you'll be able to find the older ones.
    Your welcome! I just got into some really cool jazz music today by this one group and I was hoping I'm able to fill you in on them so have a new artist to listen to.
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