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APOCALYPSE 2123:The Void War sign-up and OOC

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Dec 27, 2010
welcome all to the sign-up and OOC thread, anyway, let me start the thread proper before i begin rambling..
~The Story~
the year was 2112 A.D, humanity's technological advancement had hit an all-time high, and scientific explorations have traversed the world over, revealing historic secrets almost everyday; however on march 8th 2112; a discovery that would change the world was made deep under the island of Manhattan, in the region known as the Mohegan void trench, when deep sea oil drillers drilled through a loose layer of bedrock and exhumed a mass of glowing purple stones, and upon digging deeper found a layer of a pitch black sheet-like metal; scientists later determine that these two materials have amazing qualities, the purple stones, named voidstone ore due to it's area of discovery seemed to act as a self contained thermo-nuclear reactor, releasing insane amounts of energy when exposed to magnetic fields; while the metal, aptly dubbed black metal by metallurgists was a light weight, high density, high durability material that could easily be shaped to fit any necessary project.
these two discoveries changed the world, and in little more than a year the USA's technology revolved around these two materials, with every city, including it's new capital, farside city,a sparkling urban jewel floating far above the Mohegan void trench, it's rejection of gravity a symbol of the technological breakthroughs that voidstone had given the people. this advancement came not without a price, however. unknown to most is that widespread use of voidstone ore had mutated humanity on the genetic level,
causing one in every fifteen people to become darkloids, twisted creatures of superhuman attributes that reproduce through a "corruption" plague.
the darkloids proceeded in spreading their plague over the course of a decade, expanding into a hive mind led by a mysterious figure known only as voideus.

our story begins in 2123, where an explosion in a voidstone refinery had showered the nation in a mutagenic cloud, resulting in the emergence of a faction of metahumans called the void's fist, who seek to secede from the U.S. and create a country solely for powered individuals; plunging the nation into a three way war between the government, the void's fist and the darkloids for control over the now chaotic land
the only question is what will you fight for? peace?, solitude? or perhaps even to advance the rising darkloid hoard?

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-Please adhere to the general Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines, located here: http://forums.khinsider.com/roleplaying/163400-roleplaying-rules-guidelines.html

-The story should adhere to a PG-13 rating. This is a public forum, so please conduct your characters as though the whole world is watching. Profanity is permitted, but please keep cursing at a reasonable level. Violence is also acceptable, even necessary given the nature of the roleplay, as is romance; please keep these situations from getting too graphic. If there is any question as to the appropriateness of your post, please ask before you post.

-There is no weekly posting requirement once you join, but please be courteous to the other players. Life happens, we are all busy, and sometimes the creative juices simply aren’t flowing. In any case, if your character is actively involved in an interaction and you will be unable to post for a significant period of time, please find a way to extricate your character from that interaction so that the other players can continue, or give someone else permission to temporarily take control of your character.

-If you have been given permission to control another person’s character temporarily, please make note of it at the top of every post in which you control that other character. If the character has been permanently turned over to you, please make note of it in the OOC thread; you don’t need to note it in every post.

-Please use proper grammar when posting. In other words, please refrain from using internet lingo (i.e. lol, brb, etc.) and abbreviations.

-Your posts don't need to be particularly lengthy, but please try to make them at least a paragraph or two in length. This gives the other players a better understanding of your character's thoughts, actions, and other information necessary for them to post accordingly.​

-Please be kind and courteous to your fellow players.

-Story elements are the decision of each member for their characters, but destruction of significant story areas must have my approval.

-If you have read, understand, and agree to follow these rules, please place the following phrase at the top of your character profile: "i fight for..*whatever applies to your character*.”

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Dec 27, 2010
"i fight for..redemption

Full Name: Leon Aeonic
Darkloid name(if any):Zweihänder (adopted name), Lucifer (Archlord title)
Age/Date of Birth: 35
gender: male
Rank: Archlord
Appearance: unlike most darkloids,Leon has survived long enough and infected enough beings to be able to shift his physical features back into his original form, his appearance that of a human with white hair that frames the right side of his face while almost covering the left side; he has fair skin and amber yellow eyes, and is dressed in a black jacket featuring white highlights on the collar and on a single line on the front.; this is accented with a tattered red scarf and a set of white armor that covers his shoulders, with rib-shaped prongs covering the open part of his jacket
this is opened halfway down showing a well-sculpted chest

on the bottom half of his body he wears black slacks with lines similar to his jacket .
a pair of armored boots with blades on the toe completes the outfit.

Weapons and equipment (if any): Leon packs lightly, carrying only his sword and what little he requires to survive; his sword is called Lucifer and is bio-locked to him as well as being the necessary component to his exceed form, holding his excess power until he's ready to eXceed

Special Abilities/Skills: as an Archlord Leon is able to communicate and command lower classed darkloids telepathically, and become more powerful as he infects more darkloids, Leon is also able to use the unique Archlord ability known as an "eXceed", this ability allows the Archlord in question to activate the remnants of voidstone energy in them to temporally evolve into a unique form reflecting their full potential; Leon's is dubbed Lucifer, a full-body transformation that merges him with his sword, morphing him into his original darkloid form but with his inteligence intact ; in this form leon is able to fly, and constantly projects a weak force-field of voidstone radiation able to stop most small-calibur projectiles; in addition this form takes leon's hand to hand skills and augments them, turning leon into a battlefield juggernaut at the cost of damaging his body after the eXceed is over

Spoiler Spoiler Show

bio: Leon was one of the original researchers of voidstone ore, and was thus at ground zero of the first voidstone mutagen leak infected with so much of the original mutagen that it became part of his very being; in the resulting chaos caused by the leak Leon rampaged through the area , infecting many of the researchers and forming the basis of what would become the hive mind of the darkloids, as time passed and the ranks of the darkloids grew Leon and the other five original darkloids slowly regained their memories and realized what they had become, feeling remorse for their deeds of infecting so many beings and consequently destroying many of the minds of those infected Leon tried to convince his fellow Archlords to sacrifice themselves and free the darkloids with remaining free will from the collective's mental link.
unfortunately the other Archlords could not bear to relinquish the power they had gained, and instead exiled Leon from command,under the suggestion of voideus,seeing his unique ability to feel empathy as a threat to their power, now Leon fights from within the collective, hoping to overthrow it's power drunk leaders
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Jul 15, 2007
I thought he resembled Leon from Kingdom Hearts then I looked up at his full name and saw that his name is Leon lol. Oh the irony.


Apr 9, 2009
"I fight for... myself."

Full name: Renn Allen Gurski-Graham

Name at Birth: Renn Allen Gurski, He was adopted by his Stepfather and he took his last name in reverence for him since he was the only father he ever knew.

Aliases/Nicknames: Renn was known as Renegade though his Childhood, but after joining the Mercenary corporation known as Wings of Judgement, He was codenamed Angeru (pronounced An-je-ru).

Titles: none.

Preferred name: He always sticks with his codename except in times of officiality.

Age/Date of birth: 23, and April 30th 2100.

Race/Ethnicity: North american white descent, Renn has roots from all ancient white-skinned tribes including the Gauls and Anglo-saxons. so in other words as white as white can get.

Appearance: Renn's physical description is more of the Tall and thin type, standing at around 5'11-6ft tall His skin is a pale peachish tone, hasn't been outside so much except on missions. but he's not a shut in type either so he's used to light but he's definitely at home in the dark.

His hair is a dark Chestnut brown, also affected by light, in the sun it definitely shows more color, but in the dark it also helps him hide for the sake of ambushes, the length is even from the sides to his backand he tends to tie it back in a ponytail and style his bangs down the center, (For reference, look at how the hair is parted here: Ask-Link on deviantART)

He has light blue eyes framed by rectangular framed bifocal glasses and a decently sized nose above a thin mustache,
and a small soul patch below his lower lip. everything aside from these mentioned spots are shaved.

and although tall and lanky, he is actually well built from the abdomen and lower, having legs toned from lots of running and cardiovascular exersize.

He tends to wear confortable clothing wherever he goes, most commonly blue or black jeans or some type of cargo or jean shorts for the sake of carrying supplies or tools. as well as a blue, green or black muscle shirt. But depending on the weather he always prepares for certain climates.

Weapons and Equipment: Depending on a situation he's armed with a multitude of useful weaponry and tools for combat as well as survival, Hence why he almost always wears cargo pants or shorts.

His favorite is his Personally reconfigured "Laser '45" Revolving Laser pistol, passed down through over 12 generations and maintained duely so, it was a former Colt '45 Revolver. Renn reworked it's insides using laser technology and a little bit of help from Voidstone and a magnet, he created a recharging laser pistol battery, using the rotation of the magnet and the voidstone "Bullet Batteries" he can detonate the energy with the trigger and release a purple laser shot from this gun, but after the first few shots all the old parts melted out or off and Renn had no choice but to use a better conductive metal... after testing black metal, he found how he could use it. he ended up using it to recontruct it in the same fashion

His Inventory has a range of useful gadgets as well as weapons, He has a double edged sword made of a Steel and Black metal alloy, giving it a more grey-toned appearance in the case of hand to hand combat, His other supplies include Rations, medical supplies to treat a variety of diseases and ailements, as well as other basic need providing devices.

His typical long range weapon is another custom made Laser gun he calls the LZ-47, using a similar process to his Laser 45 revolver, but it doesn't recharge like the revolver inside the weapon, He loads magazines with Voidstone ore, and it powers the shots to create a rapid fire Laser assualt Rifle, which like it's predicessors, unleashes a burst of rapid shots, only these are lasers. They cannot recharge while inside the weapon but they'll recharge after exposure to a magnet for about 5 minutes.

His last custom made design, are his personal favorites, The LDG, or Laser detonation grenade, binding a magnet and a voidstone crystal together in a Black Metal Shell, This is the most powerful form of Renn's Weapon Research, Depending on the size of the crystal, a needle sized magnet edged with Black metal pierces the crystal and causes an explosion that almost rivals that of a Sidewinder missle. He always carries one just in case.

Bio: Born and raised in western Canada, Renn had a somewhat happy life, Although his father died when he was two years old his mother ended up with Renn's stepdad two years after. Renn's real memories started around two months after his mother and Step-dad got married... He couldn't recall anything prior to the date march 13, 2104,

And so he grew up thinking the man who was his mother's husband, was his Dad. But he was kinda surprised when he went on his first field trip when he was in grade 1, His name was signed Renn Allen Gurski, and yet his mother's signature was Tina Rose Graham. In his childish curiousity, His mother told him that his birthfather was killed before Renn could remember.

It wasn't until much later that He found out how his father died so he did with what he had, His Step-father James taught him alot of survival techniques and trained him in almost everyform of martial arts, But Renn at age 15 decided to take a course in sniping and basic weapons training. It kept him busy, and helped him deal with the discrimination at school. Although Renn was also a gifted student. He was seen as no more than a nerd.

Renn was a veritable living weapon by age 17, he was a black belt in 19 martial arts, and a profiecient gunner from all ranges, and had an IQ of 137. It was time he found out.

James and Renn's birthfather, were comerades and partners in a mercenary corps called the wings of Judgement, Renn was told that His father gave his life for James, and as his final wish, He wanted James to watch over Renn. And after confirming that Renn had inheirited His father's skill, James officially tested Renn to see if he could join the WoJ. After passing with flying colors, Renn was inducted into the recruit roster, but sadly he couldn't join officially for another year.

Renn kept busy with training and school until then and finally Renn had his first mission at age 18.

It was a Darkore store, Himself and six other recruits were to infiltrate and kill any Darkloids in the area, sadly an ambush was set up and his comerades were killed and Renn was severely wounded by a gash in his leg, Hiding behind a crate, Renn kept breathing slowly, he had found a grapefruit sized Voidstone Crystal and a regular magnet, after giving it an edge, he used a weight to drive the magnet in, and he bolted out of the Darkore werehouse, it created a blast that killed all the darkloids searching for him, but also destroyed the werehouse itself... He's now serving as support for the civil forces against the Darkloids and the Void fist

Special Abilities/ Skills: As Renn has a very flexible arsenal he's also adaptable with a range of effectively honed skills wether it be with a gun or in hand-to-hand combat,

He alongside his Mercenary training, has a overdeveloped sense of hearing since he wears glasses, he has honed his hearing to the degree that he can hear a butterfly's wingbeat if close enough, but most of all he has a sense of calming that frees him of all hesitation.

He utilizes the 19 martial arts in a similar manner to Spider-man's 'way of the spider' but instead of relying on the extra sense that Spider-man does, he uses his overdeveloped hearing and if that fails him, he uses his paranoia instead which is sometimes more effective. This is his main defensive tool.

His main offensive style is also tactical. He can detect a weak spot just by observing his foes movements once, but as he doesn't rely much on his eyes or his arms, he tends to keep foes at bay with effective sweeping kicks but that doesn't mean he won't switch it up and oftenly surpises foes with a 'Soryuken' Uppercut to the chin followed with a flipping heel crush to the forehead of his foes.

His other skills in other fields include medical training in both surgical and basic first aid, Sniper training, and 7 of his 19 martial arts specialize in weapons combat of multiple varieties although he normally doesn't use most of them, He tends to use them for sword-based combat.
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Jan 4, 2012
the second star from the right
"I fight for...surivial."

Full Name: Flourence Dove

Name at birth:Flourence Dove

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Rence

Title(s): none

Preferred name: Rence by friends, Flourence for everone else.

Age/Date of Birth: 19 September 28, 2104

gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: white, her roots are found in Italy, Ireland and England.

Appearance: Lanky is the first thing that comes to mind when you see Flourence, coming in at 5' 9", she had always been one of the more taller kids in her neighbor hood. Her bright long red hair seems to offset her dark brown eyes, or it would if you could see her eyes through the googles shes all the time wearing. She usually keeps her hair tucked under a hat, leaveing only her bangs showing. Most of the time when shes "working" she wears fingerless gloves and jumpsuits with her belt hanging from her waist. When shes not working she likes wearing dresses and the like.

Weapons and equipment (if any): Her father had picked up a samri sword from Japan when he went there for work and gave it to Flourence as a gift, and when all of void mess happened, she grabbed that to defend herself. She got her googles from her mother, since she was the one that invented them. They not only help her see (Flourence was born with terrible eyesight) they also work as binoculars and have infrad vision and night vision. Last but not least her "utility belt". There she keeps her lock picking kit, and other small essintials for her work.

Special Abilities/Skills: Theres no lock she can't pick, and she has an amazing free running ability (which she devolped quickly after the voidstone explosion). where she lacks in fighting, she runs.

powers: she can heal herself. shes not invincible, but shes certainly alot harder to kill then a regular human being.she can also heal others

and finally a short bio for your character: An average collage student until the cloud came down. It happened as she was jumping over rooftops at the time and it startled her enough to make her fall. She woke up in a pool of her own blood but couldn't find any injury on her. The days that followed were chaos. The only thing she knew about her parents were they were safe and in hiding so that left Flourence to get picked up the Void's fist since all people like her were lumped with them anyways, and since they were fighting agasint the goverment, it would be better if she went with the flow. while she dosen't like the situation she's in, she remains cheerful and optimistic.
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