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Character ► [ACCEPTED] my templates, starting with the mystic seeker of demise.

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Dec 27, 2010
Name: Jacques veilleur
Age: appears 60 due to his curse , but is actually much older
Gender: male
Weapon/Abilities: jacques is a master of many magics, in particular, adept in the fields of gravity and lightning.
However, his most renowned fields of skill lie in runes and gem based magic. Utilizing runes, he can apply a multitude of effects, ranging from elemental mines, to magical locks, and even if given enough time to carve it, control over an area's very gravity.

However, he must carve these runes, and thus it is a laborious, if not effective art.

They also cannot be directly applied against a foe, and thus rely upon enemies wandering into their range of effect.

The gems on the other hand, work on a more personal level. By charging them with his will and magic, the gems can effect the body in various manners.

Healing, a short range explosion, increased speed, or strength. Such physical effects are but a glimpse of gemcraft. Unlike runes, the gems can be charged near instantly, and can be moved once active. The drawback is that a gem can only be charged towards one purpose and once fully drained, crumble to pieces, whereas runes will stay effective so long as they are unmarred. They also can only effect one person at once, whereas runes can effect a large area.
Appearance: cloaked:http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/331/8/1/hm3_beta__4__by_grandsword-d87ui76.png
Without cloak:http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/331/e/1/hm3_beta__3__by_grandsword-d87ui7j.png
His personality is very contradicting. While he is thoroughly pragmatic and nihilistic, he is at the same time devoted and protective. He doesn't lie, but he does keep secrets and withhold the truth. He means well and is known for fondness of others, but often ends up being sarcastic, especially so when he gives advice.

due to the lessons learned in his life, and the mercy given to him at the hands of others, Jacques will not stand those that needlessly harm others, doggedly condemning such action, and refusing to ally with such people.

And yet, his positive traits are overshadowed by his obsession with the losses he had suffered in his life, an obsession which combined with the curse upon him, plunges him frequently into a deep depression.
Born an orphan in a world where magic was an art hidden in shadows amongst those few with the potential to use it, the man who would become known as omega grew up a thief on the streets of the city of telosia, stealing to survive.

For ten years, he did so, until he made the mistake of stealing a jewel from a member of the veilleur magus family. He was caught, but despite calls to have him imprisoned, the family's patriarch; a user of magic that measures the potential within one for the mystic arts, saw immense potential in the boy. And thus, took him in. Under the banner of the veilleur family, Jacques grew into an outstanding young Mage, specializing in Magics of body and berth, and ironically Jewel Magics. Eventually, his skill led to him not only taking a commanding role In the alliance of magus families, but being granted the status of becoming the family's next head.

It was upon his fifty fifth year however that his life would change forever.
The Mage he had chosen to succeed him in the role of head had turned rouge, investigating dangerous and unethical methods of transferring magical energy, having taken the energy of countless others to bolster his own power.
Thus warranting a designation of demise upon him. Further more, when confronted by Jacques's adopted father on these charges, the rouge killed him without a second thought, and burned out Jacques left eye when he tried to intervene.

Feeling guilty for not seeing his apprentice's madness beforehand, and seeking vengeance;Jacques personally pursued the man for five long years, until finally catching him upon the fields now bearing his family name.

They battled, and Jacques proved victorious, fatally wounding him with his jewel magic.

But as he prepared to end it, using the very jewel he had attempted to steal all those years before from the man he had come to call his father, kept as a prized reminder of his life's journey; the rogue mage revealed he had been gathering Power for a final act of defiance, to disperse his stolen power as a virus, and cause chaos by giving magic to the masses of their world.
But before that, in a last gasp of murderous intent the rouge gouged Jacques's beloved jewel into the husk of the eye he had destroyed years before. And using half the stolen energy, cursed Jacques with an unaging, yet constantly suffering body, as to watch as the chaos to come engulfed the world.
Then committed the fateful act that began a new age of history upon that world. An age of unbound magic.

Jacques however slowly faded from memory. Shamed by his failures, and loathing his continued existence as the badge of His losses. But Over the years, a new name came upon the worlds. Omega. A mysterious Mage of great power, with one eye ever covered. No one knew that this was in fact Jacques under a new alias, searching anew for a way to end his life.

Other:I don't get people. Never have, never will.
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May 12, 2004
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Re: my templates, starting with the mystic seeker of demise.

Your template sounds fine, but the magic part does sound like it could become a little overpowered. As long as it won't become overpowered in the RP, it'll be fine!

So, you're accepted! :D Feel free to join the events that we have going on right now, and I hope you have fun in the RP!
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