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  • Alright then. I'm up for whatever really, though I kind of prefer a wizard duel for it. :)
    Are you still officially in on the Order Rankings? Your spot at number 7 is looking mighty fine.
    Only looking? You have to get back into the thick of things! Destroy Mary Sues and Gary Stus! BECOME THE NEXT TAVISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You may know me as ShadowofDespair or Lifeline.

    I RPed as Nole Aurorius in The Shadows Beneath.
    You're still around?

    Jeez, I haven't seen you since that Pokemon RP. Where've you been, eh?
    I said we could use some Tuners, since some of them can act as perfectly good effect monsters. And I like what you did with the Psychics, I would stick with them. And Tuners such as Krebons, Mind Master, or Psychic Commander would be good examples of those Tuners.
    I was going to give enough time for everyone to see that the templates have been looked over. If you start seeing all these people swarming around the thread, you'll know its almost time. Can't really say specifics, maybe by tomorrow. Don't rush yourself.
    Your presence is requested in the Pokemon RP started by Alphonse224!! All the members need to post because things are getting farther along and otherwise people will get left behind so you must post!!!
    If your still going to be part of my RP i need you to post, if not let me know.
    Yo dude, you still in the battle? I know i havn't put up a temp yet cause i was busy, but wondering if you're still... there.!?
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