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  • She is seriously the most adorable thing in the KH series. I want to hug her so much. ;~;

    It's stuff like that that compelled me to avoid as many KH-related things on YouTube as I could. XD Even though I did listen to music on occasion, but I made sure that I didn't see the related videos. It also helped that I considered Xion's theme itself to be a spoiler, so I avoided heartache there.:lol:

    In all fairness, though, Famitsu did spoil that concept about her when they told us that she had a "tragic but brave fate." From then on, it was only common knowledge. That doesn't stop me from wanting to nuke them, however. :31:
    If what Xigbar said in 358/2 Days is to be believed, yes. XD

    I love Xi-Xi more. Because she's so cute and...well, female. X3
    Stupid school... Keeping people away from KH... XD

    Fifty munny says that it's the goldfish thing. XD

    NO SPOILERS!!! Too painful! DX
    Yeah! I love Xi-Xi to pieces! ^w^

    Yay, Xion love! <3 :D

    Aw, man. Everyone knows Kingdom Hearts is more important than school. XD

    I think it does, too, but they put it at the very top of the page, I believe--one of the worst places possible to put a spoiler warning, in my opinion. Unless the spoiler warning is in big letters in the actual body of the article, then I'm probably not going to notice it to begin with. XD

    I saw Braig, but I didn't see the other five. XD How the heck did he get from a sharp-looking dude to a pirate? XD Man, Ven must've been really ticked when he drowned his goldfish. XD

    The others I'm not trying to spoil because the June 2 incident really put me on guard when it comes to KH spoilers. :/
    The worst mistake I made that month. It was so bad that I still remember the date (June 2). T___T

    Aw, you did? XD It seems like you weren't disappointed, though, considering you still love Xi-Xi, right? :D

    Oh, really? I'm sorry. Why not? :(

    I know, right? They could've put in a JavaScript function or something that would enclose all the plot in a spoiler box like what this forum software uses, and then everyone would be happy! You know, I'm not sure if KH Wiki had a spoiler warning, either, or at least one that was clearly noticeable and said, "Hey, idiot! The game's already out in Japan! Don't come crying to us if you decide to read further than this!"

    I mean, what the heck? DX
    Oh, yeah, I know how that is. Same here. XD

    I wholeheartedly wanted to wait, but after watching the E3 2009 trailer, I was just so inspired to confirm Xion's voice actor information. Unfortunately, I forgot that the Japanese version was already released at that time, so I never expected plot spoilers to be on the 385/2 Days pages on Wikipedia and the like. You'd think people would have had the decency to put up spoiler tags, but nooooooooooo!!! Really, it took me days to recover from the distress and depression that ensued, but the KH game engine I worked on afterward helped me in that regard. But still, it was a terrible feeling. D"""""""""""""X

    And I never did get the information I wanted until I actually beat the game. XD
    Did you lurk in the fanclubs for months on end, too? XD But I'm glad that I have another Rion fan in my midst! :D

    Oh, a friend request? Sure thing! Go ahead. ;D
    *is glomped* XD

    But yeah. Personally, the only reason why I joined was because of the Rion and Xion fanclubs. XD

    What's your reason? :D
    Aw, thanks! =3

    Don't you hate laziness and, yet, love it at the same time? XD

    No, actually. All my stories are on FF.net. XD
    GLOS!! :D

    Sorry for the late reply. XD

    Anyway, yeah, AU sounds good. I haven't really written an AU fanfic yet, so this could be a fresh experience for me. XD I just hope I don't plagiarize anyone. XD
    Sorry to hear about the first one, but if had been organized I bet it would have been good. And the second one sounds funny and interesting. That was a good idea having people post questions.
    Well colors are for some people and not for others.
    Well once you're okay again I'm sure it'll all come to you. I'll just be glad to have something to read.
    No, this is the only place where I read stories and stuff. Do you have something in fanfictin.net?
    I just stuck with clear, I was embarassed by my braces. Besides, I never did like any of the colors available.
    Well I'll still read it! I like your story and I'm okay with just talking chapters, but isn't all they usually do is talk?
    Yeah, it has been long, it's great to hear from you.
    When I had my braces I went with a clear color, but if you want options my friend got his in different colors.
    Looking forward to the chapter none the less, I can't wait to see what Sora does, it'll probably be something stupid.
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