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  • hey Candy longtime no talk!!!!!!!!!!! and surprisingly I remember that your avatar is Isaac from golden sun am i not right?
    Daaamn! I'm so sorry, but I wasn't able to get online yesterday.

    Happy belated birthday :-D
    You pick a character that wasn't picked before, Admiral RiMog makes you your uniform (avatar) and you wear it xD;
    Admirals XiMog and RiMog were wondering if (insert your name here) Candylanger would be interested in enlisting in the Moogle Army :3
    I really don't wanna know,lol! But they're freakin' donkeys with wings! And they breath fire!
    OMG! Just realized this! Have you seen Donkey and Dragons babies in Shrek??? :O
    N wasn't really that hard to beat, so I'll think you'll be fine :)

    I'll hope you'll get some more sleep soon :/ I'm also sceptical to sleeping pills, so I hope you'll find a way.
    Ah okay :)

    Gah. I need to hurry up and play some more. My team was about lvl 70-80 when I restarted the game and I feel so weak now xD

    I'm sorry about the insomnia. I know how it is. Have been like that for many years now myself :(
    Yup, we're really happy together <3

    What kind of job are you looking for now?

    Oh! And I have Pokemon black btw! I'm on my second playthrough, so I'm not that far into the game yet. Just finished Nimbasa city and none of the pokemon in my team has reached lvl 30 yet xD

    Insomnia problem? You can't sleep at night? :C
    I've been doing fine. Working at a store closer to my home now, so that's great! I can actually walk home now. And I'll probably be promoted to co-manager soon.

    Other than that, my boyfriend is on his way to Bosnia, so I do really miss him :( But I'm going to see him next week :)

    How have you been?
    Yep, the original version at least. 4 to 6 months. But the pirated version comes out 1 week after the NA release (I hope!!!!). I'm bad for supporting piracy, I know, but what else can I do? I'm even expected to write a review about it, so that's a good excuse. :p
    20????!!! I'm sixteen. Ok, reality check, Candy's older than me, Candy's older than me. Gotta remember that.

    When's it arriving? Coz me, being in Asia, would probably have to wait a month before the pirated version comes out (the original comes out in six months, by then, I'll die of deprivation) and I have to upgrade my PSP beforehand too. So, I'm more jealous of the fact that your BBS comes early (if it is) than it being pre-ordered.
    i have put aside my hate for Kairi long enough to order her to wrap you in it. She obeyed because I told her she might never see Sora again.

    A job??? Holy. The moment you said those words I feel inferior, age-wise. Which maybe I am, but after seeing that shoutout of yours, I keep thinking of you as being the same age as me. What job?

    YOU GOT A PS3 YOU LUCKY BIATCH!!!! out of character vulgarity there, I rarely resort to that.

    I'm turning into a mindless robot coz exam's in 2 weeks and I am up to my head in studying, but other than that, everything's peachy.
    Wow! That's a really young age. So you must even have experienced the very first editions from Pokemon : D You probably also know Seiken Densetsu III (aka Secret of Mana 2) for the SNES! It's absolutely one of my favourite games :3

    Thankies <3 You are too ( a nice person I mean :D )!
    You are a game addict! : D

    Btw do you have anything against being friends with me ? *sends an invite*
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