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  • Apparently, the algorithm itself was fine. It's other nonsense I did in C# XD;
    Merkle Hallman Knapsack Crypto System.
    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and if it's my teacher's fault.

    Thanks MagmarFire, that was really nice of you to say that in the Xion FC! It made me feel a little better about my idea.
    I remember seeing the screenshots XD I don't remember what I thought back then...I remember beeing surprised and I REALLY wanted to know what's going on between them, lol!
    Nah, I won't hurt her! She is too cute >w<

    ..........Those 4 months of waiting sounds like torture. How did you survive?!

    To tell the truth, Days never interested me that much before. I just knew there is a new member who looks pretty cool, so I had no trouble spoiling myself. Only THEN I realized how awesome it is :D
    Xion is a cookie that you just want to munch on XD

    Lol, you were so protected from spoilers... lol!

    Oh, right...... Yeah, they did messed up there :p But hey, at least Xi-Xi is one brave little cookie :)
    Lol, I can't say the same thing about the female part XDD

    but I DO love her~she is so cute :3

    OHH! Another annoying thing! When you write something on Youtube, you get possibilities, and when you write Xion... it gives you options, like Xion's theme, Xion the new member
    Xion's death!

    Seriously, I wanted to slap someone. >_>
    Umm...good thought. So you say that Ven might have do..something...because of the goldfish? XDDDDDD

    Oh, Xiggy, you stupid pirate. : ) WE LOVE YOU!! <3
    That's what I'm saying! But noooo, she doesn't care. XD

    Yes, you are right about were they put the spoiler tag. I didn't even notice it, I just rolled once up and noticed (after I was reading T_T)

    I know! He looked kind of.... Handsome? lol! And now he is...old.... UGH! XD I really don't know from where this drastic change come from. :3

    Oh, I understand. Then I won't spoil........Though...uhh, never mind. : )
    Ouch. I guess it is that bad DX But at least you know the plot and you love our Xi-Xi~~ !! <3

    And of course I love her! :D

    ...Mom. Y_Y Well, I don't have a DS yet, but then again...mom....lol. She says I should pay attention at school instead of playing games XDD Oh well, father is easier to convince :3

    Umm...well KH Wiki has a red line saying that there are spoilers in the post... (I think :p ) But really, they could have tell us. :\

    So.......did you see the Senior's (1-6) Somebodies yet? Who am I kidding?! I just want you to tell me if you saw BRAIG!! :DD lol.
    Aww, poor you. So it was a mistkae.. : (
    I feel your pain. I really do. But I just HAD to spoil myself XD
    I promised to wait to the English Version, but of course I had to break. Well, that's fine because I don't really mind spoilers, and I knew I'm not going to get the game Y_Y

    Wikipedia WAS mean!! :eek: They could put the spoiler tag- the game only released- not everyone played it yet!!!!
    Umm.... two weeks? You see, I used to read stories here and watch fanclubs, but I never thought of joining......I was like a stalker. XD

    But then I saw that I can join many clubs I like, plus I had some people I know here, so I decided to join.

    Did you spoil yourself with the JP version, or you decided to wait?
    How long were you lazy? XD

    Me, I was just kind of afraid to join. That is, until Days got spoiled for me and I was so distraught I didn't care anymore. XD
    Here you go! :D Blah, I was watching the fanclubs until I decided to stop being lazy and actually join. So it would be only fair if I would say that's why I joined. XD
    Hehe! Umm....Why...? Uhh I don't remember.. :\ lol.

    I think that also because of the awesome clubs. :) I just couldn't resist. I mean, I hated Kairi with passion, I liked Rion from the first moment I saw it, so I noticed all of those clubs and joined. :3

    Plus I made friends here. Which reminds me; do you mind if I'll send you a friend request?
    lol, sure thing. I'm sure you would do a great job. ;D

    And you totally reminded me to start that AU fanfic I wanted to do, but, like you probably guessed-----I'm a lazy person. XD

    And aww. Don't you have stories here?
    MAGMAR!! :D lol

    Ummm I would llike AU (yes I do like to change my mind) but won't you have to create a background around the story? Anyway if you can- I think it would be the best. 8D
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