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    fucking lol, i'm new to this forum but when I first read your name I laughed my arse off. i'm surprised you haven't been banned yet or asked to change your name yet mate!
    ahaha i love the fact that i knew you were a fellow australian from your username xD
    Sup brodude? Yo, don't suppose there's any chance you'll be in town this weekend?
    oh yeah can you tell the bleach thread what i say to you cuz i can't see shit/other forums so yeah thanks! :DD

    kenpachi was cool but byakuya is a faggot.

    wow, the speed of the bleach anime is going quick, way better than the manga so far.

    O: well i hope manga moves quicker now maybe yeah cool sugoi.
    did u watch the new bleach episode?

    omgod i loved the yoruichi and soifon part x)

    and mayuri's zanpakutou thingy is so cute x)) AWW!!
    Nar it is well done but. Hey Im actually at work right now, so should probably get back to work. Talk later man
    Im a huge fan of The Rapture hey, so theyre on the top of my list. Crystal Casltes and MSTRKFT as well
    its definitly better than bleach and that thing called naruto. lol. Ace is gonna die though.........sadly.....
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