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  • Sup mang. I wasn't trying to be hard on you, but i can see that you aren't willing to make your template acceptable for the rp. I say this only because you obviously have been online and haven't been in the thread or edited your template. You're more than welcome to fix that template or make another one. Just don't be lazy with things that have a lot of history behind them. Originality isn't everything in rps like this but it sure counts for a lot.
    Hey, TCB. I don't mind you joining as I know you have writing skills. I am just going to have to ask you to use proper punctuation. This meaning, capitalize where need be. Also, commas, and periods can be useful, as well. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but I've seen you write posts that lack these where needed.
    ya military life does that to you lol. Ya those were good scenes. to *after explosion* Capt: get the suit. Iron: Right on it. lol i loved that part.

    Jarvis: sir suit is at 400 percent power. Iron: oh really. Thor: oh shit lol
    Oh hell yes that was the most epic movie ever.

    I SHALL NOT BE BULLIED BY A..... gets the crap beat out of him ultimate part right there lol.
    to be honest, Im more interested in that demon, angel, ghost, and sinners idea I posted last week which wont be done until a little into February of next year :p
    post in cds when you get the chance mate, VO's group is waiting for you to participate.
    go check out Lifeless, I added a pic of a Demonoid to show kinda what they should look like.
    I hope this Rp is good. The idea was difficult to put together.. Maybe ppl will see the potential..
    i messed up my back.. so it took all day to put that thing up. if you have any Q's ask away. Ill answer the best I can.
    I am working on a Rp. I doubt it will do much since a KH rp is so slow.. Regardless I will start it. still in the beginning stages, soo it will be up maybe in a few hours.
    could Zero hear your characters Sniper Mode? is it a sort of telepathy or what that confuzzled me
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