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  • I did similarly the same exact thing with San Andreas, but I'm ready for something else.
    Halo.. <3 I have a thirst for it but I can rent it if I wanted to, still they're both so tempting @_@ well I could always get a deal at Gamestop.
    Actually I haven't even hooked it up yet, I'm planning on trading in the bundle game and buying either GTA4 or Halo 3. I plan on doing that tomorrow.
    lol. And what hole would that be? Besides pictures, you don't even REAAALLY know what it is.
    Well when I meant by "here" I meant KHI xD but yes both the real world and KHI are calmed down thank god.
    Good so far, things are starting to finally calm down here :3 I'm glad for that, the holidays always makes things better.
    Merry Christmas DMrayZ ^_^ would have messaged you sooner but I was up way too late; in a daze I pretty much turned off my PC and passed out xD
    No, I don't mind. You actually helped me out. I couldn't get my Answer Sheet to post. Thanks.
    create a photobucket account (www.photobucket.com) upload images, grab the
    You have to host that image on a site such as Imageshack or Photobucket.
    The alternative to this is to create an album, upload that image from your PC to that album then copy the image url and post it in the aforementioned thread.
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