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  • That sounds like a creepy cat...
    That sounds so cool! I'm not into city life, but that sounds like a city I'd like to live in!

    Hm... I like Evanescene and Skillet, and a song I like... recently I like "Still Alive" from Portal. XD

    Worst fear?
    That's the opposite of me. Ever since that dog tried to kill me when I was little... I couldn't stand them. ^^;

    Despicable Me and Spirited Away are really good. :3

    Favorite time of day?
    I'm somewhat girly, so...:p

    My favorite food... would be between spaghetti and fruit, I think. Or a Wendy's cheeseburger...

    Cats or dogs?
    ^^ Haha, thanks. I'm not sure about that, though... I'm learning some strategies to get better, so soon I might be able to win against someone. :D

    I don't really know where I want to go in life right now. I think I'll enter the medical or nursing fields, since I heard they can find work easier than some other fields... I really like to write and draw, so I'd love to be an author, illustrator, or artist. :3

    What's you favorite thing to do?
    Oh band directer is really new to this, so it can be kinda... or, but recently a chess club started, which is also just during school, but it's pretty fun... I keep losing, but it's pretty fun. A question game? Sure, I guess. There may be some I'd rather not answer, but most I probably will. Shoot. :3
    My school is mainly focused on football, although there are some other sports. Non-sport clubs include band, quizbowl, I think there's a library club, um... Spanish club... Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America... Beta... I'm in band, quizbowl, and beta, but they're held during school or rarely and not really all that fun...
    It's pretty warm down here, though. But at least I have time to draw and play, so I'm not really complaining~ haha.
    My school is so boring though, and I like just relaxing at home. Plus, my sleeping schedule is backwards, now, and it'll take a while to adjust. But, at least I'll get to see my friends again.
    You're in theatre? *o* That's so cool! I wish my school had something fun to be in... :I
    It's okay, I make that mistake sometimes, too. I had just left to go play something, not sleep yet. ^^

    I like Xiku, too! They could really help each other out, and dark can be fun! :3
    I'd be all for a Xiku pairing! Might even a cuter couple than Sora and Kairi, though a little bit darker.
    I hope so, too, or at least a confession of some sort. Maybe... they'll set up Riku with Namine or Xion, if they come back?
    There's no way to be sure of any romance between them, in a way. It's all implications, and some are more heavily implied, but nothing's been confirmed. Nothing with Selphie has been implied, I think... although Selphie's done a lot of implying. Friendship is what's focused on, though... Hopefully in the end there'll be some sort of closure.
    Yeah, it's fun to be so confusing~ :3 I think she liked Riku, too. The whole KH1 journey made Sora seem like her knight in shining armor, though, so that is probably that's when she chose him. c': Poor Riku, though...
    Hm... I honestly think the paopu drawing had a lot to do with it. I'd say him saving her in Hollow Bastion, but Riku did the same. So... maybe she already had a crush on Sora anyway? I dunno, girls are confusing... :/
    It'll take a while, but I'll make sure to show you as soon as I finish. :D Haha, RiKai is a cool couple. (I ship Kairi with so many people, Riku's one of the more fitting ones for sure. X3)
    No, the picture I want to finish will either be of some keyblades or of Kairi and Sora getting married. :3 I'm reading some fanfictions my friends wrote, and I want to finish soon.

    Oh, and if I remember correctly, you like Riku/Kairi, right? When I get time, I can make a Riku/Kairi picture for you. (Even though I stink at drawing Riku...)
    I think I may try and catch up on some reading and finish a picture. I've got until the 5th, so I have to come up with something...
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