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  • Good to hear! I was shocked to see Axel/Lea back, too. (I got one, too. X3)
    Haha, that was actually brought up. "No woman would let herself be touched by him" or something to that effect was a argument. >w<
    Good to have you back. :3 I'm doing great! :D How are you?

    Hm...there was news about KH3D you missed, and its trailer came out, too... not too much was missed besides that. :3 Oh, and a lot of theories... one of which was about Xehanort being Riku's father. XD
    You have a point; the shit that goes on here can only be handled by the staff so I and the others are needed. Thanks for the reassurance. But really, it seems like VG's and the internet is my life =\

    And yes it has been some time since we last crossed paths, what have you been doing in that months time?
    Actually you did a smash up job; it wasn't easy rebuking your comments :p

    Well as I said previously I'm in need of sleep, night DM.
    Bots are just the worst, hopefully the influx of bots slow to a crawl by the end of this year.
    I hope so too, I was nice to him about it since he/she is new, but if this keeps up I'll have to give a punishment.
    Meh, it comes with the territory, but I don't really mind that much.
    But it would be much worse if it were a troll/spam bot o,o I can handle him, and actually I send him a message, which i hope he read.
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