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  • I lied. I'm a dude. :D!

    But yeah, I wish them the best. Even though I am a pessimistic asshole.

    And I only use Skype because I'm not a faggot.
    Yeah, It's probably not going to end well, but, Eh, I'm a romantic, hopefully it does.

    Don't suppose you have a yahoo instant messenger? It IS rather tiring going back and forth so slowly like this.
    Despite my open invitation at the end of Bri's thread, it would be in everyone's best interest to simply watch and remain uninvolved unless they have already become part of the scene.
    No that would not be a good idea. lol, I do believe I am pissing quite a few people off.
    Nomura referenced the similarities between Roxas and Ven and the conclusion that if there's a bond there Sora's involved too.
    This isn't reusing design, this is slapping new clothes on Roxas.
    He wouldn't go there.
    1) KH1's Journal pointed Riku out as the Original Keyblade Master, and Nomura confirmed that by his original scenario, the instant Sora reached for Riku's hand on the Islands and then Riku disappeared was when the "physical" transfer occured.
    This has Riku as the Original Master.
    2) The Lingering Sentiment fight in FM+. While the fight itself is of duibous canonship, the words he spoke were confirmed as undeniable canon by Nomura when he said that in the FM+ there is a scene that again hints towards Riku being a chosen Wielder.
    LS's words - when he notices Sora's Keyblade - are that Sora is not the one he chose.
    LS = Terra's proxy.
    Terra = was on Destiny Islands, and watched Sora and Riku play as children, thus giving him the opportunity to make the choice.
    Sora = not the one he chose.
    Riku = the other option we're left with, being chosen for the Keyblade by Terra, only to later lose it to Sora.
    MX brought it along, lol.
    Alternatively, it was a natural process, but until it happened, Unbirths were born instead of Heartless.
    Gotta love the fairy tale Kairi's grandma told her.

    as for the quote, I said it. I also explained in depth why I said it. try clicking the link in that quote and go to the original post XD
    ah, but Unbirths don't exist anymore, now do they? part of why Namine could be one - Kairi's an exception compared with something that was common in the past.
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