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  • That is what we're going to do. Make a entry thread, then a voting thread. I'm going to post one now.
    Cool. What about, we have a contest, the winning art becomes the comic's title cover, and the drawer gets an episode centered around him/her or gets to write an episode?
    The volleyball game was kind of fun. I was actually dissapointed they didn't make it a Mirage Arena mission.
    Braig: "Hey, Xehanort, wake up!"
    Xehanort: "Mm.... Ice cream.... Wha... No..."
    Braig: "Xehanort, you all ri-"
    Xehanort: *Wakes up* "OH MY GOD THREE EVIL DUCKS WITH HOVER CARS!!!!"
    Braig: "We really need to get you're memories back."

    *Theme song plays*


    So how did you like my begining scene?
    Alright. So how about the sitcom? How is it going? We have a plot yet? Let's have the first episode be a short one about character introduction.
    Or in every episode, someone asks if they are gay with each other, and they are frequently denying it.
    Braig is gonna be laid back and be the main comedy, Xehanort is going to be serious, but is gonna be besties and close with Braig, and Ansem and the other aprentices are going to be recurring characters.
    *applauds* Yeah! Mind if we post it in the Moogle Army? Now it's time to design the episode, we have to comunicate about the shows plot detail via PMs, okay?
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