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  • Europe gets the least of the events though. Or at least we used to. It took a while for us to get up to par with the States.
    Infrequent I can deal with, I'd just be a lot happier with the situation as it is if they only announced it loud and clear in advance. :p
    I hope so. :) I really want to use one in my main playthrough for B/W 2

    Yeah, I thought you were only talking about online games. I'm definetly buying White 2 on release, like the last 3 games. But other than that, there isn't really anything I'm looking forward too (that I remember)
    It's just a game boy mega man game. There were a couple of them. From what I hear they usually recycled bosses and weapons from the old main games, but mixed up. Doesn't matter to me, since I missed most Mega Man games anyway. xD (I fairly sure a lot of the early games weren't even released here)

    Aerodactyl is a favorite. I never actually used Milotic, but I could give that one a try. Though I love Charizard and would put him in if you'd asked a year ago, I'm thinking he's way too predictable as a choice, despite making for good type diversity. Probably a Hydreigon too (my favorite types are dragon, dark and steel, so yeah). I loved the Garchomp I used in Platinum (hatched an egg on diamond and traded it in from the beginning, my mode operandus for third versions). I've had good experiences with Steelix as well, despite him being generally completely opposed to my type of play (I usually try out everything in a game, but favor speed over defense). Tyranitars' been a favorite ever since Gold and maybe an Aggron or Bastiodon. And still others on reserve.
    I know some choices are a bit weird, but when I talk about dragons, I usually think about serpents, lizards and dinosaurs as well. :3

    Also, I forgot to answer one of your former questions: the trip I'm taking is to Vietnam, but it's only in september. Traveling across the country in a group.
    Meh, don't worry about it. Shit happens.

    The only event pok?mon I don't have are Darkrai and Deoxys. Deoxys was during a time I didn't have any GBA games (plus I'm doubting there was an event for it here) and Darkrai coincided with the couple of weeks I was abroad and didn't have internet access. -_-
    Nope, Dream World Ditto still hasn't released, so it's still dreaming about it for now. I'm thinking the reason there are still a lot of Dream world pok?mon not released yet is because they want it to coincide with B/W 2.

    I know, those are some pretty big flaws nintendo has with their online shop. And no, still no cards, or even information about it. :/
    Quite a list actually, there are some old game boy games I haven't played in over a decade (like Super Mario Land 2, Gargoyle's Quest and the Wario Land series) or just plain haven't (LoZ: Link's Awakening, Kid Icarus 2, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge)
    I'm sure there are more, but I haven't been in there for a while.

    Yeah. That's one thing I might do: a dragon team consisting of pok?mon that aren't necessarily dragon type. (well some would, obviously)
    In the past I did multiple playthroughs as well (action replay made choosing a team in the beginning a hell of a lot easier xD ) but I don't really do that anymore (mostly because most codes appear to be flawed in some way because of security measures, like not being able to breed things you hacked into the game). I can make backups, but haven't done it yet. I'm also a bit opposed to basically getting rid of all those event pok?mon by restarting (even though I can hack them in, it just feels weird) Plus I'm pretty sure you can't send your hacked pok?mon to another game (btw, when I say hacked, I purely mean having a wild encounter with something hacked, I stay away from codes to get their IVs up and other such things)

    I know. Combine that with one of his special items (that ups his speed) and the Hp disadvantage (well, that's what it usually is) becomes less of an issue too. Not to mention you can just use items to heal in regular play anyway. I always liked the idea behind Ditto, but it was badly executed. I'm pretty sure that if they had abilities in Gen I, he would've had auto-transform from the get go.

    I had 4 in total too, but not at the same time (that would be 3). In the first year I had my DSi, it broke too. During the summer it started to have start up problems. When turning it on the screen would flash white for a split second and immediately shut off. But it was still in warranty, so I got a new one. Just sad I lost the two or three dsi-ware games I had. :/
    It's pretty good, but I don't have many games since I'm largely saving up my money now for a trip I'm taking. Gonna try to buy Kid Icarus though. The only real issue I have isn't even hardware related, it's that Nintendo still hasn't released e-shop cards where I live (in freakin' Europe! all countries surrounding mine DO have them). There are some games I want really badly. :/ (some for nostalgia, others because I never got to play them in the past)

    Triple and rotational battles weren't implemented enough imo. It hardly ever happened (it's also weird how you can have wild doubles but never triples, what's up with that?)
    I'm thinking a lot of people played Yellow with an anime inspired team, whether they realised it or not. ^^
    I luv dragons, but that's because I luv dragons in general. I especially liked how, in the first 2 gens, you had quite some pok?mon that were dragon inspired but not the type. Made for some variety if you wanted a dragon team. (not that we had much choice, there being only 4 dragons back then with three linked by evolution)
    Never been a big fan of single type teams, though Dark, Steel or Dragon would probably be my choice if I'd have to. I'm more in favor of having completely different types on every member of my team (I made some exceptions for things like catching Ho-oh in Gen II and IV and not wanting to get rid of Typhlosion in my team. And an occasion where lack of forethought had me end up with both Scizor and Steelix, no regrets though)
    I don't remember the name, but its Dream world ability allows it to transform into the opponent upon entering battle. No more wasting a turn to transform. Which was pretty much Ditto's single flaw, if you can forgive its non-changing HP. The only problem is that it hasn't been made available yet (and I fear they'll only do it after B&W2's release)
    A couple of years ago the top screen started showing lines and all kinds of disturbances. Like an old tv. And a couple of weeks ago something broke so when flipping it open you have to be real careful (and not move it around to wildly) it's basically only good for playing GBA games on the bottom screen now (which isn't so bad) I replaced it with a DSi pretty quickly though. (and now I have a 3DS as well :p )

    I like the potential strategy you could put into them. If it were up to me, there'd be an option so all regular trainers would be automatic doubles or triples if they have a big enough team. :3 (option because not everybody likes it)
    I know right? I beat Yellow with a anime-based team. Which included not evolving the ones that didn't. :p (I generally kept it to Pikachu, the starters, Butterfree and Pidgeotto rather than changing it around though) I also did Crystal once with a completely unevolved team (barring Togetic). A lot more difficult. Especially when your up against Dragon trainers, of which the weakest dragon was already slightly above average.
    I usually only do the team thing on a third version. The first versions can be considered me beta testing the new creatures to decide something for the third version. xD I tend to keep those teams strictly to the new monsters of whatever Gen I'm playing, except if it's an old one with a new evolution. There have been exceptions. I didn't have any hangup about using Kanto pok?mon in Crystal (not that it mattered much since most were not only in Johto, but also more common than Johto pok?mon themselves :/ ) and I'm thinking of making an exception in Black/White 2 for Ditto, but only if it gets released with its Dream World ability. That would make him a Gen V pok?mon in all but origin anyway.
    No such luck for me, my original model DS still works, but only technically.

    Yeah, I don't like that. I like those pok?mon myself, but everyones already using them. Monotonity sucks. (also, when playing the games themselves, nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when your so-called below average Butterfree just totally helped you defeating Blue, to give an example)
    Sounds rough. I gotta say, the only time I went back to a previous game (aside from breeding a team for another game, if I want to play with something specific) was LeafGreen, which I actually got after Diamond xD (I never had a GBA, still consider it one of the biggest mistakes of my life)
    Heard that was a problem. tbh, I'm kind of affraid I'll run into guys that are all about having the best of the best to the point it starts to lose it's fun factor. :/ Hate people like that.
    White. I've loved every single game in the series I've played, but I really suck at picking them up again once I have a new one. :/
    If it weren't for White I'd still be playing HeartGold. If it weren't for that one, Platinum. And so one, catch my drift ;)
    I've never done anything competitionaly though.
    That's what I had with the first line. Pretty much why I started with the follow ups. I was hoping it would have that effect and I must say, not dissapointed. (though that's already obvious by this point)
    Totally, we were only singing about how it was a new story :p

    May your sig have a long life.
    Yeah sucks they removed it. It wasn't even half as bad as most other useless posts, imo xD

    I swear, it would bring me great pleasure my man, to buy you a beer. If I only could.
    Yeah, that always did confuse me.

    I'm not very interested in most Canon RPs. I like really good, original ideas. Obviously I DO join Canon RPs, but it's never been a thing I do that often.
    Oh, well, seeing as you aren't the droid I'm looking for, I guess I'll just leave you alone forever...

    Okay, not really. I'll totally pester you forever! >:]

    Oh, how I've missed your "Yola"s. ^^

    I've been pretty okayish for a pretty long while. Nothing's really going on, though. All the RPs I can actually get the motivation to do are moving pretty slow.
    I'm getting the VIP package. I'm gonna meet the whole line-up of Iced Earth. c:

    Super excited. c: And I will~ C:
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