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  • how ya doing good lookin lol what cha been up to I have been waiting for my risingtales rp to move a little also have you read my nobody fanfic yet if you would like i could send ya a link
    oh wait a second darling I never said anything about Sinnsyk going after Hilatal my new character Heather Talon suggested it i wasnt using Sinnsyks character at all read my post again I think you missed read a part
    what a second how did I powerplay all I did was add a new character taking to Sinnsyk kkl is confused must read my last post to figure out what the heck your taking about
    yep but I have to wait for some others to post my character Toans nocked himself out so I have to wait for Reiko Noko and Seph to post for now Seph2 is proably going to get back to pastam and assult it again but Ark will know about this before hand and your character will know at the same time mine knows
    okay i will wait also nice serious post in RT rp I have to say nice touch of insulting male ego though ark has a surprise for your character dont worry its a good one
    hehehhe ^.^*huggles* glad to hear you are doing well
    sure why not I would love to see a pic of tm but I will tell you i cant show you one of me because me comp bites the big one also had a chance to post in the RT rp
    im good thanks how are you doning madam
    nice to meet you to
    dont worry i would never rape you and I truely dought your ugly nobodys ugly in my eyes truest me and how do you now I may be so sexy to you you might kill me just to rape me
    I didnt rape your boody i mean booby i mean body "yet" being main word here lol and how am I to know you wouldnt rape my dead body if you could well
    (KKL stares at dead TM body) i have a idea (Takes a stick and starts to poke body in random and naught places and colors on Tms face with permanet marker) ya now Tm has spirals all overher face yayayayayayayaya ( looks around area) I am bored I know necrophillea mwhahahah lol (just kidding) kkl wins yayayaayay
    kkl rules over this hello post mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    ha ha
    ha ha
    haha hahah smiling circle mwahahahaha (takes deep breath) mwahahahahaha *coughs* needs air kkl needs air (falls to the ground
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