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  • Thanks for that.
    I don't really mind if you call me that in private; the name is a bit fitting, considering my distant mafia heritage.
    Agh.....I didn't think that my name would spread around very much. :x
    You can call me that, just don't go blurting it out all across the forums, alright? That wouldn't be very good for me.
    And much thanks to you as well; you saved me a little time until the RP's launch.
    Oh, please! Just do it whenever it's convenient for you. I'm just giving a little head's-up to you, and I'll give a similar one to Sorrow when he logs on.
    And your business is your own, and I'll not inquire further about that. Just make sure that your template is submitted sometime soon.
    *chuckles in a most sinister manner* Your template is four days later than what was promised.
    You have broken a soul-binding oath, and now you shall perish!! D:<

    Just kidding, but I just wanted to give you a little reminder. :)
    wow harsh.... well theres plenty of other boys in the world. Im moving to Canada so im packing and sad that Im leaving ;( but Im gonna border you to the north...
    Myspace, lololol. I sort of abandoned mine quite a while ago, but logging in every now and then gives me a good laugh.

    But yeah, I've only heard good things. Hence my favourable impression of you :)

    I realise I actually got so carried away I forgot to introduce myself. Hello, I'm Naomi, but you can call me Nay...or any other name you want, really.

    My day has been weird - it was very hectic up until about 8pm, and then me and my boyf just had a mega chilling session for the last 4 hours or so, which was good as I've really wound down now.
    Nice to meet you too (finally)! I have heard a little bit about you from Tavish/ Darien/ Sam so I already like you ;)

    How's your day been?
    Y-you broke up... I think Im gonna cry *sobbs on deannas shoulder*. now tavs gonna rape ya. well anywayz who broke it up you or him
    Awww, thanks. I actually don't like my face: it's really awkward, so this is one of the first times I've taken pictures directly showing it.
    You're so cute. You're lucky to have the pale skin/black hair combo...very fairytale princess.
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