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  • Oh I'm pretty good. I want to kill one of my rl friends, Max. He and I have been talking the entire time we were fighting, and I didn't know it. He has 3 accounts on my site, and I just now went to the IP addresses and searched.
    Its ok ^^ jst dont play anyomore till its better!
    lol i sound like a hypocrite saying that, i used to do all the time, and got a yelling from someone..hehe.
    You did? heey shouldnt have done that, but i aint gna yell lol. Cuz i used to do the same thing when i got injured, heh
    What?! >.< grr that sunuva..He better have apologised for it!
    D: Rest it yeah, I know the pain of getting hit in the ankle, bust mine so many times in soccer. Hope it feels better soon *hugs*
    I know! *glomps!* :D
    Today was a very booring day, had to get up at 7 and kept dozing off in both lectures lol. I think Ill get some sleep now.
    Okay..that's awesome!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!
    Mine was aweosme too!
    It was devine milady *hugs* lol :D
    so far so good, got to do loads of work right now D:
    hope your days good ;)
    lol i see, well i shall teach thee. Better of watching anime actually lol, im rubbish. Just know the basic ones and all the swear words ;P
    *huggles* ^^
    lol. you can thank Bleach for my japanese vocab gettin better. That meant no problem lol.
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