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  • Lol, I agree with everything you said. I do hope that Noruma is almost done with Verses 13 so he can begin KH3.. it is too far long enough to make just one game. Move on; time to get back on track! I have some theories how it would start, but i may be wrong. I think they may start off with Sora retaking the Mark of Mastery Exam this time he passed it, then Riku, maybe King Mickey travels to the Realm of Darkness to find Master Aqua; while Sora goes to find a way to free Roxas and Xion so they can join to face Master Xehornant. Sora and Aqua goes to C.O. to finally find Ven's comasta body and reawaken him then the 7 Guardians of Light faces the 13 Users of Darkness in an final showdown for the soul of all worlds! During the War, either Sora or Riku manages to free Terra and in doing so, all weliders of Keyblades of Light use their whole beings to finally defeat Xehornant for good!

    Wow, that was really long, lol.
    lol, that will be interesting.. People are people even they are gay, lesbain and so on, I don't judge them; you have an life and the choice to make who you are; not them. Stay true to yourself and who knows, people may begin to see your point of view. I should know: I'm deaf, and people is like, uh, do you understand me, blah, blah blah! same old same old, but they don't know what's it like, but yeah, ha.

    I'm seriously starting to think this story could work; just has to put it in words here, lol.
    Indeed, the main issue with Days is the uneven distribution of spotlight. I am in no way against Xion or anything, as she's not a bad character in itself, but the way 358/2 Days has been handled story-wise leaves something to be desired.
    Hmmhmm, I have to say I really like what I hear here, you come over as a pleasant fellow to befriend. ;)
    I like your attitude. As a very tolerant person myself I can just imagine we'll get along just fine. XD

    I do know Yu-Gi-Oh!, but only because I own the complete manga and saw some of the anime episodes, I am not really into the TCG.
    Of course, I also like to discuss various stuff...thatis if you can live with my delayed answers due to work and different time zones, lol.

    Uh? I think this describes a Yu-Gi-Oh!-card, right? There are several instances (also with Anime or Games) though were Germany translates stuff directly from the Japanese source, resulting often in differences compared to the US Versions.
    Heheh, it is quite funny though that some people over here wish to get to live in the US and some of the Americans I talk to would rather come over to Europe. *ggg*.
    Lol, haha, wow! And thanks! I'm still thinking on how to make it work out, lol.

    Writer's Block sucks!! -____-
    Lol, those names are weird, but oh, well.

    We shall find out on Kingdom Hearts 3!! that is if Noruma can ever finish Verses 13..

    Wow, that is really crappy, lol, but you gotta to do what you gotta. I, too am having writer's block; See, I'm currently getting some ideas for my story: myself in part of Kingdom Hearts series. I was planning to do like Roxas did in Days and KH 2 in terms of beginning and ending, but with some different things like helping sora when he doesn't realize that.. You know like when Sora asked if a man in black cloak came to this world, they replied yes and he said about Donald and Goofy, Sora was happy to know that was really Riku!!

    So, yeah, lol. I think I may have to think more.
    The fact that she is depressed is not a problem at all, she has a reason for it after all. The problem lies within the presentation of it as her moping and whining gets way too much screentime during Days, diminishing the impact of it actually turning it annoying in some instances.
    While we do see Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, yep, even Sora suffer as well it is not every second scene they appear, so the meaning remains without making it look forced.
    Nope, I do mean BBS, as in DDD Xion didn't say a word towards Sora and only asked Riku a question. It was in the secret ending Blank Points where she called out for Sora with the other characters who need to be saved.

    I was referring to your statement of forgetting Xion, lol, nice spin to the actual KH canon. ;)

    After reading your review completely I've also to say that I found it very enjoyable to see that you're apparently an open-minded person, just like I am.

    are a couple, but i think roxas will fight saix instead for tormenting the "Puppet"

    and hello Austin. I am in the middle of writing the crappiest Mulituniverse fanfic story ever written,has KH,Pokemon,YGO,Mario,Metroid, and a whole bunch of themes but the main plotline mostly resembles KH and its 13th Order who are after Kingdom Powers and using the 9 Heroes of heart to open the worlds largest power depository including weapons, spells, creatures, and much much more. sounds stupid right, its for a RPG my freinds are doing and they said it would be an interesting story, in the middle of a writters block though
    Agreed!! You know, Roxas will do free Kingdom Hearts alongside with Sora and the others in KH3, but I have an feeling he will have to face Xigbar during the Final Showdown at the Keyblade Graveyard. Imagine the epicness of, well, everything!! :O

    Lol, yes, we will get together very well!

    And well, Roxas1563 is my user, but please call me Xain (mind you, I couldn't come up with anything useful with s and t with the full name as my real name is Austin, so) :p

    So, yeah, Xain's the name.
    Lol, it's always good to have an funny friend in an funny mood!

    I agree: Roxas is an hard guy to beat, especally since he has Oathkeeper and Oblivion on his side. I actually dreamt of being part of his own Organzation and I'm his second in command like Saix was to Xenmas. I also wield Sleeping Lion and LionHeart Keyblades. My ablitiy is of using time and space traveling, like Mysterious Figure, only I use it for the right reasons, lol.

    Geeh, I'm rambling my mouth off again! haha, you may have to slap me around just to know that I need to be quiet!! hahah!
    Heh, I see what you did there, lol.
    Xion's fate is surely also very depressing, although I have to admit that due to the writing in Days Xion's sob-story felt a tad overdone, it was everywhere and every second scene was almost designed to try and make the player feel sorry for her.
    Nonetheless, she also called out for Sora in BBS and although she might be harder to recover I do believe she has a decent chance too. ;)

    I also finally managed to answer the three new reviews for the new chapter.
    Hey, welcome to the community. I really hope you enjoy yourself!

    Let me know if you need anything, alright? <3
    Alright, my guess wasn't too off then. ;)
    Yeah, their fates are very saddening right now, but Sora and Riku are working to change that ^___^.
    I saw the review, I will probably answer all reviews to my story later today when I'm back home *is currently at work*.

    You don't need to apologize, a forum is meant for communication, lol.
    Hello there new friend, I tend to ask what gives me the honor of a friend request, but a part comes surely from you liking my story, correct?

    Glad it's to your taste. ;)
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