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  • I do have Mario Double kart on Gamecube. I have alot of PS3 games like Assassin's Creed, II, Brotherhood, and Revelations; I'll have Assassin's Creed 3 soon next month! :) There's Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. College Football 11, Infamous, Sly Cooper Collections, Modern Warefare One, and of course, Uncharted: Drake's Forunte, Uncharted 2: Amongest Thevies, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Decpication. As for PS2 games, Kingdom Hearts series is right there alongside with Persona 4.
    Tsk, I was more annoyed than anything with Nomura delivering KH2 unfinished to the western world and addressing very important plot points only in the Final Mix.
    I'm incredibly happy my old PS2 still functions without any problems, so I won't risk meddling with it. The additional Keyblades or boss battles would be a "nice to have" for me but not a must.

    Really? There are so many Americans that would love to move to Europe? Didn't know about that, I was always on the impression that most of the USA broadly consider themselves to be superior to the "old, declining Europe". 0_o
    The more you know...really interesting. ^____^
    SSBB is very good with an extra long story called Subspace Emissary. And Sonic and Solid Snake are playable in it, whats not to like ( not to mention that a good beatbown is always fun XD)
    If you're talking about the new one, no, but I have the first one. It was just an fighting game with no story until the second one came out.. good story, but could be an littler longer and better fighters.
    The better idea thingy was more directed at the US-to-Europe topic, lol.

    In that case you should if possible probably wait until TGS is over, maybe even waiting for Jump Festa before you decide, as most big KH announcements came on Jump Festa.
    I guess it would depend on how desperate you are to play the KH 2 FM. ^__^
    I would, if I didn't have a sore knee for my personal trainer workout yesterday. XD. Maybe I will play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Do you play SSBB? If so would you like to do a match online, that is of course you could
    Yeah, Germany's cool to live there, lol. As for me, I do live in USA, but in Arkansas.. Well, I was born in Springfield, MO, but lived all my life in Arkansas.
    Yeah, lol, I'm bored as well waiting for KH3 to come out, so I'm currently getting caught up with the Assassin's Creed series storyline; I just finished Brotherhood, now tomorrow is Revelations.. loong game, that one.
    True.. which makes me wonder how Sora would fare agains his other dark self, Vantius? Hmmm....
    Lol, it would be awesome to face the entire Orgazation from COM and KH2! You know, when Sora stole Roxas's Blades, that makes him the first one ever to triple wields Keyblade.. He's truly the most powerful of them all; not even all of the Xehornant clones can beat him down.

    Ah, I didn't know you were already famillar with him; he's very good, that's for sure.
    Huh? Does that mean you have a better idea? ;P

    Uh, do we even know that there will be a HD Collection? And if there is one if it will contain the FM-content? Right now, it is practically a big question mark.
    Tetsuya Nomura stated that he "looks into HD stuff" and would be interested in something for KH also due to his concern of the series spread over so many consoles, but the thing is that Nomura isn't the one who makes the big business decisions at Square Enix. Nomura is a character designer and director of the KH series, but not really "the boss" in the company.
    As for the original FM you'll need something like Swap Magic if I recall correctly, although I wonder why Americans would need it since Japan and USA both use NTSC format.
    I never stated why Atra took Sora's form, it was kind of implied. When he marked Sora he took Sora's memories (well not exactly, more like copied). And since his body didn't have a form Sora's memories made him look like Sora. I will go in to more detail on why Atra's body didn't have a form in the next chapter. Hope that makes sense.
    Oh, yeah... well, Noruma knows what he's doing with the story, so yeah, lol. I haven't played an KH Final Mix before, but I have seen some videos on Youtube about it.

    Speaking of videos, there is one guy, Pacey8444, now Emberglow8444, he's the ultimate KH player ever. Seriously. He beat all games on either Proud and Critintal modes! He's good.. really good.

    I have to agree with you on the HD collection; that would be awesome! Gosh, it has been too long since I touched my KH games for PS2 and PSP.. O.O
    Thanks :) Like I said in the first chapter, its kind of a theory turned fanfic. You've probably noticed that I haven't focused on some of the characters, but I will eventually get to them. You'll be glad to know that Lightning will come back, and she's gonna mess some people up. Also when The Forgotten get their full power, some important stuff is going to happen; especially to Sora. Anyway glad to hear you like it. Hopefully I'll have the first part of the next chapter up soon.
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