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Dawn Rebirth
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  • "Yep." She said.

    She snapped her fingers as more books and tomes whirled around.

    The bed was moved around as many signs and spell chants glowed about the room.

    "It's ready." She said.
    She snapped her fingers a magic sign showed two glasses. Water, apple cider, juice, milk, and then a multi colored drink.
    "Awesome road trip!" Zaki said.

    Zelda showed him her dorm which was covered in posters of magic, and drawings.

    "Now would you care for something to eat, or drink?" She asked.
    "Yes, some ice would be nice." He said.

    She winked at him.

    "Oh I see, then come with me and we can get your sister back." She stated.

    Making the two vanish to her dorm.
    "Okay, okay okay. I get it! Now can you please let go of my ear?! AHHAHH" He yelled.

    "It's 50/50, and it will be after a while." Zelda said,
    "Who's says we have to ask? Tori and I could just go to said festaval and Mi could just have stuck with us by mistake." He said grinning.

    "Well....You or I might not be able to move for a few days. Also we find your girl...i find my page." She said telling the truth.
    "So is there anything you wanna do?" Zaki asked.

    Well I've studied soul connections. I can use your's with a mix of my magic to make a tracker. Kinda like an arrow that well keep pointing in your eye sight until you find your person." She said.
    Well, hope you don't have to wait too long. :( --- Personal stuff. How much she missed me, you get the gist. :p --- Hey, do you have a PS3?
    Oh, it's divided up? --- Lol yeah I guess. Nope, she just slipped the little DS cartridge in an envelope alongside a letter. ;D --- I have LittleBigPlanet, and DC Universe Online right now. And I've been goofing off in the PS Home. xD
    Zaki's eyes were about to pop out of his head.

    "Um...well we will get to that when it happens." He said.

    "Yes, would you like to help me with an experiment that can track her down?" She asked.
    " .....Um, maybe like her but with me....mixed together?"Zaki spoke his brain not working.

    "Glad to know. you light dwellers aren't so annoying after all. Anyway I've heard rumors that you and one Tori Ikairi are joined together in way. Can you track her?" She asked.
    That's cool. Glad you're enjoying it! ^^ Kagy sent me Kirby Superstar Ultra through the mail. :3 So I've been playing that. xD And spending a lot of of time on the PS3. lol
    no, i met him thru my mom's friend's co-worker, who happens to live down the street from her, and when i was little me and my mom would go visit her friend and i would go play with mine

    he is one of my best buddies =^.^=
    "Ask away it's fine." He said.

    Zelda looked at the boy.

    "The sun does not control me. Don't mistake me for common Twii! Anyway I wanted to ask you a question." She said.
    no, this would be my friend that lives in a different state than me, but we have each other since we were little XP
    but we do joke around alot tho, but he doesnt tease me much
    oh, okay, i guess that makes sense

    yeshhhhhh, and this is my best friend, i have known him foreverrrrrrr
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