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Dawn Rebirth
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  • "Under the pressure you were under. I would have been so easy to end your live. Also Zaki told me of your time in the dessart. You changed and adapted making yourself more powerful when a lesser being would have just given up and died.
    She smiled. Offering her a seat.

    "And you as well. My page has told me much about you. You are one brave girl." She said.
    "Serously You the queen, Troi, my sisters. Why do people keep saying that?" He asked.

    Midna eyed Tori.

    "Hello." She started to say.
    The Twii in question has a bit of a smile on his face. He looked to find Violet and Pietite.

    "Hello ladies." He said.

    He then looked at Tori.

    "Um....The Queen wishes to have a word with you.
    Zaki after looking around found who he was looking for.His Queen. Coming out of the floor of the HeadMaster's study. He dared not look her in the eyes after seeing the princess.

    "Zaki." She mused.

    "Your highness. I I have returned." He spoke.

    "Your page is truely sorry for how he had acted and abounded his post. I had no other way to save Tori Ikairi. She is my--"

    He stopped as the queen got down and hugged him.

    "I understand. I'm glad your back. I know Zelda will be happy s to see you." She said.

    "So....Your not mad?" He asked.

    "No, I'm just glad to have you back." She said.

    "However I would like to meet this Tori." She said.
    x3 Oh well. --- It was really sweet. For Valentines she sent me a stuffed tiger. ^^ I have a teddy bear I can send her. I"m sure she'll love it! --- Well, 1.5 is coming this fall. Plus, since the PS4 is coming out, they'll probably have a PS3 price drop. :3
    "That's great to know!" Zaki said.

    "I guess we had better get going." He said.

    "Your at Wisdom Dorm right ma'am I'll take you there if you like?" Twig asked trying to be helpful.

    "I need to go...see Her Majesty." He said to Tori as he vanished.
    "The Triforce of Power? Wow, that's some power." Zaki said.

    "So, what do you mean a part of the headmaster?" He asked.
    Zaki looked around to find the Twii woman.

    "Hey Miss. I've been away for a while....How did more of us get here?" He asked not knowing who she was.
    "Then allow me!" Zaki said snapping his fingers. A wall master showed up and dragged the two somewhere else.

    (Like the ones from Winkwaker.)

    Twig just stared at him. Zaki just patted his head.

    "No need to thank me little guy." He said.

    The Deku blushed.

    "Om thank you." He said.
    Zaki smiled hearing about everyone. However he froze in sheer terror at the menton of his Queen and Princess.

    "....Well....I'm gonna be glad to see-see everyone." He mumbled.

    "Hey commer, we just wanna punch you!" He heard to boys yell.

    "AHHHH" Twig yelled running for his dear life. He hid behind Tori.
    "It feels like some guys slapped me upside the head, but other then that great." He said.

    "So Ash, how are you doing, and how's everyone at school doing?" He asked.
    "Okay nice to meet you dude." Zaki said.

    "....Wait.....The Princess! Oh no! The Queen." Zaki thought to himself.

    "Kill!" Another voice said.

    "Huh?" He said.
    Zaki was munching on his pretzel. Looking around. "Ya know we might want to show up at the school and say hi before me go." He said.

    He looked around seeing his people. Finally happy to see his people out and about. Granted some were annoying him with the hate of HeadMaster Link.
    As she watched him lay down. She summoned all ounce of her power, she casted the spell and soon Ash's soul came out of his chest, along with whatever spells it had on it. Soon she found the linking spell on Tori, one of the spells around her room . It clouded her link with him, Zelda closed her eyes as the spell took more of an effect on her then him. She then shot out a poniting arrow spell. She could see in Ash's eyes that it was now placed in him, he could now find her by a dropping effect. Zelda however could only see Majora everywhere. She dropped down in agony as all of her magic was used.
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