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Recent content by Dawn Rebirth

  1. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Journey in the Dream Realm.(Another Side/Another Story to the OurKH timeline)

    Time to turn 'first come, first serve' on it's head folks. I really did enjoy this, the part where Sora rhymes, with the timing and situation was probably my favorite part because of it's execution, which I think was spot-on. I prefer to not be a grammar nazi, but there is a lot you are going...
  2. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Journey in the Dream Realm.(Another Side/Another Story to the OurKH timeline)

    What KK said, Deadpool is very amusing. He's a very welcomed source of levity, and I might just hunt down his comics for more of his delightful insanity. I look forward to Ch 5, LR ^_^
  3. Dawn Rebirth

    Fanfiction ► The Making of a noble demon. ( An Ansem Seeker of Darkness story. OKHFFoPR Spin off fic). Finished

    Re: The Making of a noble demon. ( An Ansem Seeker of Darkness story. OKHFFoPR Spin off fic.) ... Words ... ... ... Strangely enough ... I kinda liked it, despite the somewhat dim-witted portrail of XH. Laughed on the date, never knew I could be tolerant towards something like that. The dynamic...
  4. Dawn Rebirth

    Is KAIRI still relevant? ...

    What I meant was would MX still see Kairi as neccesary, if he already had a spare light piece(Ventus'). MX might be aware that Kairi can weild a Keyblade, as he and Vanitas were present in Radiant Garden around the time she went through her rite of passage. As a result he has access to such...
  5. Dawn Rebirth

    Is KAIRI still relevant? ...

    To the equation of the Kye-Blade? I ask this, as I'm not entirely sure. There'd be no point to showing Kairi at the end if she wasn't going to be relevant to the plot in the future. But is she relevant to the equation of the Kye-Blade(Or whatever you wanna call it, I'd prefer Death-Blade...
  6. Dawn Rebirth

    Help/Support ► I think something might be wrong with me...

    There are a lot of variables, and this may be a very unlikely cause, but mayhaps my bit about the tears is to blame. Probably not, if you can I think you should take KSX's advice an' take a 'you day', unless it'll hurt your grade. If your teachers seem reasonable, or at least are willing to hear...
  7. Dawn Rebirth

    Purpose of the Dark Shards

    This implies why Xehanort is so evil and lacks consideration towards others. YMX's time in the future only ingrained the knowledge that other worlds exist, or at the very least some belief of that being so. Even though darkness can be used for good, as Riku has shown, there are elements within...
  8. Dawn Rebirth

    The 13th Vessel

    It's possible this was some sort of proof towards Xehanort's hypothesis. Xehanort has been doing everything for himself, the fact he thinks he deserves to step through the 'door to Kingdom Hearts' even though somewhere along the way he's going to start a war is arrogant to the point of vainity...
  9. Dawn Rebirth

    Why Master Xehanort?

    This is what I believe based on what I know. The two individuals are not Isa and Braig, but their nobodies, just like how XH and Xemnas can exist in the same place as the Reborn(MX). As for why MX appears instead of Terranort could be similar to the instance when XH finally took form after...
  10. Dawn Rebirth

    Xehanort's 13

    I personally think a master hands down their Keyblade to one of their apprentices so they can retire. IOW I think Mickey's Keyblade was originally YS' As for why they're able to do magic without a keyblade, it wouldn't be that too far-fetched to make the assumption(At least for the timebeing)...
  11. Dawn Rebirth

    The significance of orange/yellow eyes.

    In Aqua's fight against Terranort, Terra's subconscious(Or rather, mind) and Aqua's work together to defeat Guardian alone, which intern does damage to Terranort. While that does insinuate that it's Xehanort, I agree to a point. I personally think Guardian is a combination of Xehanort's...
  12. Dawn Rebirth

    Why an elderly character?

    You forget that Braig produced Xigbar by having his heart released via Keyblade. Numora's hinted the same thing happened with MX when he discarded his old body. Xehanort has probably anticipated that his friend has produced a nobody(MX's nobody could be dealing with him right now, saying he...
  13. Dawn Rebirth

    Xehanort's 13

    Um, I didn't say that Masters were the only ones. I meant Keyblade Weilders could choose to learn magic if they wanted. It's not a neccessity by any means. But it is very helpful, in most, if not all cases. However, tranfering one's heart to another body, releasing darkness as a form of...
  14. Dawn Rebirth

    Xehanort's 13

    ... Yen Sid was a Keyblade Master, Mickey still uphold the title and abilities, and Aqua is a Keyblade Master who Eraqus(Also a master) instructed to chnage the shape of LoD. Seeing as the Keyblade was made for evil originally and masters before Xehanort are implied to have merged their heart...
  15. Dawn Rebirth

    The significance of orange/yellow eyes.

    Not classified, most likely because his darkness wasn't surrounding it, but essentially. After all, MX said he has returned a complete person, yet he looks like his old self. Master Xehanort disgarded his body and soul to claim Terra's. Xehanort seems to have done the same. Heartless are...