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Dawn Rebirth
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  • Dude ma story keeps goin 2 fast so I'm gonna slow it down, it might be a while till I post up a new chapter.
    Come on man, it can be a good story u just gota kno how 2 make those cliffhangers that kill people. Think of situations that know one would expect to happen, they eat that kinda stuff up! I suggest that they meet with disney characters anf fight some of them like beast, Tarzan, disney villains, and etc.
    Just take ya time with it, and especially if ur grades are low u need to work on them not this.
    Yeah, but I couldn't come up with a name with x in it so I left it as Destiny, also she is a special wielder(hint hint), and ma new chapters should be up by the end of tuesday or wednesday. It is a story related to KH 358/2 days, but it's my own verion of it(sort of) leading up to a hidden wielder that the orginization found the nobody of, and she is currently not even a novice(you'll see wat I mean soon).also I mean't her somebody is a novice who didn't even know she could wield the keyblade.
    I have the prologue up now, the story is called "Road to Twilight". Check it out and give me ur honest opinion.
    Sort of, but I think might have figured sumthin out now. I'll try a few chapters 2 see if it's good, then I'll put it up here. It will be called "Road to Twighlight". It will be a 3 part kingdomhearts Twighlight series(maybe it will be longer than that).
    But I thought that Roxas was still part of the orginization, so thats y I thought he would bring Elxin back cuz Xemnas would tell him 2.
    U don't have 2 make them fight, I wuz just askin if they would fight cuz it seems that will would have met and fought(cuz Roxas's missiion would be 2 bring them back). And I meant branch out by talking to ppl in threads and visiting their page or reading sumthing of theirs, stuff like that
    Ok I'll check it out, u kno u can also make a thread bout stuff in the KH series and other stuff and ppl will read and comment on it.
    Oh I thought the other member who could use a keyblade was the main character. So who is his nobody(the other 1 who could use a keyblade)?
    I read it, but wat does Roxas's story with xion have anything 2 do with The Future That Never Was
    Very good info thanks. But will the charaters stick with their current abilities and let them evolve or learn new ones to, or neither.
    No u didn't sound like a jerk and ppl means people. So will ur charatcers have other abilities?
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